Northern Ireland to Introduce Portrait Banknotes

Northern Ireland's Ulster Bank has had a bonkers idea, probably thought up by a work experience kid keen to give the system a kick up the arse and have something to tweet about first. It's going to try doing money sideways. Read More >>

24 Countries Where the Money Contains Meat

This week, some people in Britain and Canada were shocked to learn that their money contains trace amounts of animal fat. The new banknotes use animal byproducts that are found in everything from credit cards and crayons to glue and soap. But We have confirmed that Britain and Canada aren’t the only ones. Read More >>

The Designs Norway Rejected for its New Banknotes are Amazing

Norway has chosen a new design for its banknotes, which is a pixelated little number by the architects at Snøhetta (seen at the bottom of this post). While their design is tasteful and restrained, it can't possibly live up to the charm of sea-life drawn by kids – exactly what one designer proposed. Read More >>