Country People Can’t be Bothered With Your Urban Digital Banking Obsessions

People who live in the rural masses of the UK aren't so bothered about banking apps, according to the Financial Conduct Authority, which says that just 23 per cent of country folk bother to do their banking through a smartphone – whereas 45 per cent of their clean-shod urban counterparts do. Read More >>

Major Bank Loses 12 Million Customers’ Data in the Most Embarrassing Way Possible

Just when you thought all data breaches amounted to hacker shenanigans, the largest bank in Australia has belatedly confirmed a different sort of breach story. BuzzFeed reports that the Commonwealth Bank lost 12 million customers’ data after magnetic tape backups containing their personal financial history from 2004 to 2014 went missing. It just lost them. They may have literally fallen off a lorry. And the bank didn’t even bother telling its customers about the incident. Read More >>

TSB Happy That Some Things Are Half Working Now

The TSB's mammoth IT fail has been resolved today, or at least that's what the bank and the besieged social media account of its boss are saying. What customers are saying, though, is that access to TSB accounts through apps and web sites is being restricted to a limited number of people to stop it falling down again; oh, and here are some images of incomprehensible error messages we're still getting to forward to your computer people. Read More >>

TSB Mixes Up Customer Accounts and Breaks Everything Else

The cutting and pasting fingers of TSB's social media operatives are going to be sore tonight, with the company forced to endlessly apologise this morning after weekend engineering work overran – leaving the bank's apps broken and allegedly leaking user data by showing some customers incorrect accounts when they do manage to log in. Read More >>

Virtual Bank Offers Disposable Debit Cards to Beat Fraud Anxiety

A modern digital bank that has no branches to close thinks it's on to an innovative winner that'll appeal to the fraud conscious, with financial startup Revolut about to launch a "disposable" single-use virtual debit card. Read More >>

Lloyds Bank Tries to Save Customers From Loading up on Credit Card Bitcoin

The operator of the Lloyds Banking Group has placed a restriction on its customers who plan on using a credit card to buy magical future currency bitcoin, possibly saving your dad from making a huge mistake. Read More >>

Fitbit’s Payment System That You’ll Never Use is Live With a Bank You’ve Never Heard of

With Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Vodafone Pay, PayPal, and whatever the hell Barclays is trying to peddle these days, the country didn't need another mobile payment system. And yet there is another one in the form of Fitbit Pay, a system exclusive to the new Ionic smartwatch. Read More >>

Liverpool’s Own Digital Currency Keeps Banks Out of the Loop

Local currency expert Colu is trying to kick the banks out of small communities and businesses across the country, with its app-only digital currency popping up all over the place -- and in the form of the hyperlocal Local Pound Liverpool. Read More >>

Posties Bribed to Steal Bank Cards and PIN Letters

The BBC has gone deep undercover into the world of red polo shirts, with an investigation finding that gangs of fraudsters are trying to bribe postmen and sorting staff up to £1,000 a time to nick credit and debit cards and their followup PIN letters while they're in transit to their new owners. Read More >>

Businesses Send Perfectly Good £1 Coins to the Smelter

The effort to replace the nation's £1 coins with other £1 coins isn't going entirely to plan, as it seems that some businesses are failing to be bothered enough to sort them out properly before sending the old coins back to be melted away.  Some of the shiny new ones are being returned in with the battered old ones from 1983. Read More >>

Scotland Will Have a Polymer £10 in September too

Scotland's Clydesdale Bank, one of several Scottish banks that issues its own brand of bank note, is about to join the rush to make the tenner plastic. It'll launch its polymer £10 on September 21, just in time for baffled English tourists to take one home and have an argument in a Hemel Hempstead Tesco garage about if they're legal tender in England or not. Read More >>

TSB and Samsung Launch Iris-Scanning Account Logins

The subset of UK civilians that own a Samsung Galaxy 8 and have a TSB bank account are going to have a fun toy to play with this September, as the bank and the phone maker are teaming up to allow iris identification to access their account details. Read More >>

That £100 Note in Your Pocket May be Worth £300

A super-rare bank note from the Napoleonic era has been discovered in the UK, with the £100 note expected to fetch up to £300 at auction. Which is a bit rubbish, actually, as when it was produced in 1814 it would've been worth the equivalent of around £3,500 in today's money. Read More >>

New £20 Note Might be Safe for Vegans to Eat

The Bank of England and its note printing partners are experimenting with a new manufacturing process that does away with the small quantities of rendered animal fat tallow that are present in the new £5 and forthcoming polymer £10 notes, with a chance that the option might be ready in time for the introduction of the new £20 note in 2020. Read More >>

The Ancient Cheque Will Soon Clear in One Day

The cheque -- a bit of paper upon which you write a promise to have your bank send someone money and, somehow, it happens after about a week -- is about to be updated for the modern need-everything-now generation, with the funds soon to start clearing and appearing in the recipient's bank account within one day. Read More >>