Here’s the ‘Problematic Behaviour’ That Can Get You Banned From Uber

In an effort to be more transparent, Uber publicly revealed what a customer would have to do to get banned from the service, posting a list of bannable offences on its website. Read More >>

Jack Wills’ Too-Saucy Advert: A Brief History of Banned Ads

Fashion outlet brand Jack Wills is the reason we've gathered you all here today, as it's had a catalogue banned for being too sexy. It included photos of women brushing their teeth while not wearing any clothes, as smug men clearly responsible for what happened to their mouth and clothes look on. Read More >>

“Immoral” Miley Cyrus Concert Banned by Dominican Republic

Residents of the Dominican Republic who wanted to see the barely-covered groin of a popstar thrusting at speeds of up 350bpm are currently rather sad, after the nation's government banned a Miley Cyrus concert on the ground that her tongue/crotch routine is somewhat vulgar. Read More >>

Jaguar Advert Banned for Glamourising Going a Bit Fast

An advert which showed a Jaguar hammering around mountains on both the left and right sides of the road has been banned, after advertising watchdogs decided it made driving look way too much like fun. Read More >>

DVLA Updates Banned Sweary Number Plate List for 2014 Idiot Season

The annual roll over of the car number plate system has thrown up some exciting new ways for people to spell out swear words, with the 14 plate designation meaning the likes of SH14 TTY and SP14 STK now find themselves on the DVLA's banned registrations list. Read More >>

Pretend Cigarettes Banned From More UK Trains and Stations

Those delicious meat-flavoured e-cigarettes are quickly making new enemies in the UK, with the smokeless nicotine machines finding themselves banned from an increasing number of public places. Our rail stations are quickly stubbing them out. Read More >>

ASA: Renault’s Slow-Motion Bouncing Boobs Advert “Objectifies” Women

A rather artistic advert for the Renault Clio has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority, after viewers complained that its bra-wearing burlesque dancers were a bit on the sexist side and were guilty of throwing television advertising back to the 1970s. Read More >>

Are You Offended By This Banned Ad?

The ASA has swung the ban hammer at this advert from drinks brand "Pussy". Apparently it's sexually explicit, which is ironic given what the ad is actually saying. But is it really offensive? Read More >>

Google Glass Banned
google glass
It’s Probably Safe to Say That No Strip Club, Casino, or Cinema Will Let You In With Google Glass Strapped to Your Face

Yeah, some bars might be grabbing free publicity from pre-emptively banning Google Glass, but that's just silly. Mind you, wherever you're not allowed to take photos, don't bet on being let in with the camera-equipped Google Glass adorning your pretty face. Read More >>

After Getting Booted From Google Play, Adblock Plus Goes It Alone

The maker of Android advert-removal tool Adblock Plus is currently trying to circumvent Google's ad-blocker ban by releasing a new standalone version designed to be downloaded straight to phone, avoiding Google's app shop censorship entirely. Read More >>

Android Adblock banned from Google Play
Google Just Took the Ban Hammer to All Adblockers in Google Play

Following on from Google's little tweak for Android that rendered Adblockers pretty-much useless, Google's now blocked the adblockers, removing them all from Google Play. Nasty. Read More >>

Apple Mac Pro Banned in the EU and UK
Apple Forced to Kill the Mac Pro In Europe From March 1st

Here's some bizarre fallout from an EU ruling on the safety of electrical equipment. Apple's being forced to stop selling the Mac Pro in Europe from March, including the UK, because it's got exposed fans and they're dangerous, apparently. Read More >>

Play Halo 4 Early and Get Banned Forever

In a wholly unsurprising move, Microsoft's taking the ban hammer to anyone and everyone who fires up that leaked Halo 4 image on their Xbox Live-connected console. You may get to play if before everyone else, but you'll never connect to Xbox Live again. Read More >>

Metal Paper Clips Banned By NHS Health and Safety Police Because They’re Just Too Dangerous

If anyone has ever said that health and safety isn't just a little overreaching in the UK, this should put that to bed. NHS Manchester has "prohibited" the use of metal paperclips "due to recent incidents", issuing a demand that they must be "disposed of immediately" -- Clippy must be turning in his grave. Read More >>

British Journalist Banned From Twitter For Criticising NBC’s Crappy Olympics Coverage

Oh dear Twitter. NBC might be your broadcasting partner for the Olympics, but that doesn't mean you should ban people for criticising them and tweeting a company email address. Read More >>