Happy Inconsequential Marketing Day! #RedCups #Banter #Engagement

Now that everyone's changed their names back to normal from the hilarious* Halloween alternatives, there's a new thing everyone's talking about on the internet today -- cups. Red cups. Starbucks cups. People are pretending to be excited about an advert, basically, and that's the depressing online future we all face. Read More >>

Google Shuts Down “Sh**hole” Redirect to Tottenham’s Football Ground

Football fans have been having a bit of a laugh with Google's map tagging features, somehow getting the search giant to point browsers to Spurs' home ground when people search for the term "the shithole" online. Read More >>

Hospital Worker Tweets About Reusing Shaved Patients’ Hair as “Bradley Wiggins Sideburns”

A hospital worker who joked that he was going to use hair shaved off a patient to create himself a pair of Bradley Wiggins-style sideburns has been disciplined, with the old "harmless banter" excuse failing to save him from dismissal. Read More >>