“Owl Bar” Lets Londoners See Something That Isn’t Their Phone Screen

A new "pop up" bar is coming to London next month, promising to let people who live in the city widen their horizons by looking at some wildlife. Several real owls will be paraded before them as they drink cocktails, like some sort of Victorian freak show. Read More >>

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The Bar Fight Dominator Is a Slingshot That Shoots Glass Ashtrays

What is there to even say? Joerg Sprave dreamed up a slingshot that shoots glass ashtrays and has a broken beer bottle attached as a bayonet. It's all pretty legit. Read More >>

Google Lost the Nexus 4 in a Bar

In a very, heh, familiar story, Google apparently lost the upcoming Nexus 4 in a bar last month. Yes, the LG Nexus phone we expect to be unveiled next week. Yes, the phone that's probably going to take the crown as the best Android phone available when it comes out. Read More >>

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Man Walking and Watching TV at the Same Time Falls Through a Hole

Eoin is a poor guy who was walking while watching TV and juggling multiple things in his hands (his phone perhaps?) when he fell straight through the floor. Like, literally. A trap door in the ground was left open and he didn't notice until he plunged completely through the hole. Read More >>

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The 49 Bits of Booze Jargon Every Drinker Needs To Know

Jargon is technology. Language was created for communication, and sharing a set of slang makes it all the more efficient. Ordering a drink from a bartender needs to be particularly quick and clear. If not, you're going to look like a novice, and you're not going to get the drink you want. And the booze snobs will rub it in your face. Read More >>

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The Five Most Mathematically Essential Bottles of Booze

You're getting classy. You've served your guests enough Miller High Life. When you entertain, you want to do it with style. You want to set up a proper home bar. Read More >>

These Guys Skipped Out on a Bar Tab By Parachuting Off a 63-Storey Skyscraper

Have you heard this one before? Four guys dressed in business suits walk into a fancy bar and order a Negroni cocktail... that might sound like a start of a bad joke but in reality it's the beginning of a ridiculously awesome stunt. After finishing their drinks, the daredevils skip out on their tab by jumping off the bar's 55th storey balcony and parachuting to safety. Read More >>