Mattel’s New Star Wars Barbies are Amazing

When you think of “Star Wars Barbies” as a concept, you think it would be very easy for Mattel to just put Barbie in a Princess Leia costume and call it a day. Which, to be fair, Mattel has indeed done. But it has also gone beyond that to deliver two extra Star Wars Barbies who definitely are...well, quite something. Read More >>

An Engine From a Log Splitter Turned This Power Wheels Barbie Jeep Into a Drifting Machine

Dustin Sloan and Trenton Charlson might not be household names, but if you spend too much time on the internet, you might recognise some of their creations. Last year they upgraded a tricycle with a chainsaw engine, and this year they’ve crammed the gas-powered engine from a log splitter into a Power Wheels Barbie Jeep that can now drift and power slide. Read More >>

Even Barbie Has a Hoverboard Now, But Hers Actually Flies

The smell of melting plastic is particularly unpleasant, so instead of putting Barbie on a two-wheeled self-balancing contraption prone to melting down, Mattel has given Barbie a hoverboard that legitimately takes to the air. Read More >>

Barbie Now Has an Entire Smart Dream House That Responds to Kids’ Voice Commands

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of privacy and children advocates having an aneurysm. Because following up on last year’s controversial Hello Barbie that relied on the internet to have real conversations with kids, Mattel has just revealed an entire dream house that uses a wi-fi connection to respond to voice commands. Read More >>

Barbie is Finally Available in Three New Body Types – Curvy, Petite and Tall

Fifty-seven years after first giving little girls an unrealistic representation of what a woman’s body should look like, Mattel is finally introducing three new versions of the iconic doll featuring tall, petite, and curvy body types. Read More >>

Make Barbie More Useful By Turning Her Into a Swiss Army Knife

Are you hesitant to buy your child a Barbie for fear of reinforcing negative stereotypes about women? Instructables user mikeasaurus had the same concerns, but found a clever way to empower kids by turning the iconic doll into an all-purpose multi-tool. Read More >>

A Professional Short Film Shot on a Barbie

When Video Girl Barbie came out in 2010 it seemed like a pretty weird idea to jam a camera into a doll's décolletage. And at 1.2 MP and 240p, the specs didn't exactly make it worthwhile. Read More >>

Mars Astronaut Barbie Is Nice and All But She’s Going to Die in Space

Mattel is finally jumping aboard the mission to Mars with a new astronaut Barbie. This Mars Explorer edition features everything America's favourite anatomically impossible wonderdoll would need to survive in space (except... gloves? no matter!), and that striped and sparkly hot pink suit sure looks snappy/gender-normative. But... Barbie? We've got some bad news. Read More >>

A Barbie For Every Kid Who’s Dreamed Of Having An LCD In Their Chest

Barbie has held many jobs, reflecting the aspirations of kids who dream of being dolphin trainers or architects. But what about kids who hope for cybernetic upgrades like LCD displays in their chest? Well there's a Barbie for that now too. Read More >>

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This Is What Happens When Barbie Dolls Turn Into Meth Heads

I love these amazing, ultra-realistic model photography series by the very talented Carrie Becker: Barbie Trashes Her Dreamhouse. I imagine this happening in an alternative universe where Ken leaves her after she turns into a meth head following years of alcohol and coke abuse. Read More >>