Barclaycard Wants To Replace Checkouts With Your Phone

No one likes checkout queues, so Barclaycard wants to replace them using your phone. The idea is simple, and not all that new, in that you scan all of your purchases as you shop, using your phone camera, and then press pay at the end when you're done. It's not that different to existing laser scanner system in many supermarkets. Read More >>

Barclaycard’s Pay @ Pump Can Save Us From Cocktail Wankers

Everyone’s been there. Stuck behind the brash, pushy, immaculately dressed, bar-hogging group of media/law/finance wankers, all of whom have about eight equally wankery, banterous, personal space-invading pals stood behind you, barking cocktail orders through your face. Read More >>

Barclaycard Teases Credit Card With ‘Off Switch’ to Prevent Drunken Shopping

Financially irresponsible fools with absolutely no self-control will be pleased to hear that Barclaycard might be working on a credit card with usage restrictions. Read More >>

Barclays Customers Can FINALLY Use Apple Pay

Barclays has finally jumped on board with Apple Pay, just a cool nine months after the service came to the UK. Barclays and Barclaycard customers can start using the contactless payment service straight away -- yep, that means today -- so you can expect to see lots of people struggle to pay for goodies at the shops and journeys around the capital with their iPhones, Apple Watches and iPads over the next week or so. Read More >>

In the Shop of the Future, Buying Milk Will Be Effortless Yet Totally Creepy

Walk down pretty much any one of Britain’s High Streets, and the boarded-up shops paint their own bleak picture of an industry in recession. Managers will tell you how there’s no money left in bricks-and-mortar anymore; this is one business model well and truly disrupted. But Silicon Valley hasn’t destroyed physical retail; it’s just changing it beyond all recognition. Read More >>

Google’s Launched Its Own Credit Card in the UK

Who needs NFC when you've got good ol'plastic, eh? Having failed to bring Google Wallet to our shores, big G's done the next best thing and launched a credit card in the UK -- a global first too. Read More >>

Barclaycard Launches DIY Mobile NFC Sticker

The futuristic dream of NFC payments looks a bit tatty today, after Barclays' credit card division revealed its latest high-tech solution for contactless payments -- a sticker. Read More >>