London Gaming Bar Gets A Board Game Vending Machine

The excellently-named Loading Bar in Dalston, East London has an epic collection of board games, plus a whole basement full of arcade and console games that you can play for free. And now, it has a board game vending machine so you can take your favourite new discovery home with you. Read More >>

A Lego-Themed Pop-Up Bar is Coming to London

London has a pretty nice relationship with Lego. Not only is Legoland Windsor in the general vicinity of the capital, it's also home to the world's largest Lego store. Now it's getting something else, in the form of a Lego-themed pop-up bar. Read More >>

“Owl Bar” Lets Londoners See Something That Isn’t Their Phone Screen

A new "pop up" bar is coming to London next month, promising to let people who live in the city widen their horizons by looking at some wildlife. Several real owls will be paraded before them as they drink cocktails, like some sort of Victorian freak show. Read More >>

Lancaster Uni Plans Spot Fines for Drunk Students

There's a sense of unease among student drinkers at Lancaster University's Lonsdale College, where university bosses have announced plans for a £200 spot fine for drunkenness along with a £250 fine for being seen buying a drink for someone who's clearly already a bit far gone. Read More >>

America Might Be About To Get Its First Indoor Throwing Star Range

If this website is to be believed, come 2014, Lexington, Kentucky could easily replace Orlando, Florida as the most popular vacation spot in the country. Because next spring the city will be host to the nation's first indoor throwing star range and sake bar. Because nothing goes better with rice wine than a throwable metal weapon with multiple razor-sharp blades. Read More >>

Would You Visit an E-Cig Bar, Just So You Could Puff Away in Peace?

The UK's first e-cigarette dedicated bar is opening up in London, and they've got their sights set on "defining new social rules" by re-uniting smokers and non-smokers. Shoreditch bar #vypesocial will open on Wednesday 13th November, offering patrons a boozy night without the butts. Read More >>

Stand Up For Hours and Get Angry in this Tube-Themed Bar

This pretty little drinking hole is now open for business in London, as part of the celebrations surrounding the 150th anniversary of the city's Underground rail network. Read More >>

Tablet-Headed Robot Works Out How to Get Served at a Busy Bar

A team from the Bielfeld University in Germany built the odd bartending robot pictured above, as part of a test to work out how bar staff respond to visual clues that people milling about at the bar are looking to make a purchase. Read More >>

The Six Swankest Bars and Restaurants Designed in 2013

Eating at home is a joy for many reasons—not least of which that decent shoes are not required for entry—but if you're going to go out (and you have the cashola), why not make it an evening to remember at a place that's as well-designed as it is delicious? Read More >>

17 Bizarre Themed Bars Will Get You Trashed In Style

Some bars just want to pour booze down your gullet and collect your cash. Well, all bars want to do that. But some do it with style. Today, we're looking at bars around the world that draw you in with their quirky, awesome, weirdness.

google glass
Of Course Some Bar Is Already Banning Google Glass

There have been plenty of parodies exploring the creepier possibilities of Google Glass, so it should come as no surprise that it's already been banned in a Seattle bar, even though it's not even out yet. Read More >>

A Multitool Designed For Any Bartending Emergency

Some might say the only useful tools on a Swiss Army Knife are the bottle opener and corkscrew. And for those people there's now a multitool designed specifically for alcoholics that incorporates ten useful bartending tools into a single pocket-friendly enabler assistant. Read More >>

The Steampunk Bar(tender) That You Never Have to Tip

This mechanical wet bar — called the "Green Bar" for its structural reliance on mostly recycled wood — is the work of self-taught mixed-media artist Dale Mathis. Read More >>