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Watch This BASE Jumper Parachute Into a Rooftop Pool

I can't really think of a classier way to enter a party than to BASE jump off the 1,200-foot Kuala Lumpur tower, and then land in a rooftop swimming pool — assuming, of course, that he's got a Bond-approved tux under his skydiving outfit. Read More >>

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Watch a Man Fall 300m Down a Cliff and NOT Die

This amazing piece of footage is from Matthew Gough's helmet cam, which recorded the moment when his base-jumping parachute got twisted sending him hurtling to the ground. Shocked, dazed and confused about what just happened, Gough somehow escaped with just minor injuries. Read More >>

This Is What It Looks Like When Your Parachute Fails to Open On a Base Jump

In what can only be described as a miracle, an insane Russian base jumper survived a hair-raising 120m fall from a pylon taller than Big Ben's tower, after his parachute failed to open. The whole horrifying thing was caught on camera. Read More >>

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Watch This Nutter Break Into and Scale The Shard Before Base Jumping Off the Top

London’s newest and tallest building, The Shard, is an impressive piece of architecture there’s no doubt. Standing almost 310m tall and being Europe’s tallest building it’s attracted quite a few daredevils, including a certain crazy roofer named Dan Witchalls. He's apparently base jumped off the tower four times and has this awesome video to show for it. Read More >>

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This Montage of People Falling Out of the Sky Is Not for the Faint of Heart

It takes a special breed to look out the door of an airplane or over the edge of a cliff and think that hurling yourself into the void is a good idea. But that's what each of these skydiving, base-jumping, wingsuit-wearing athletes do for kicks. Read More >>