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Watch This Guy Catch a Virtual Reality Ball That Turns Out to Be Real

When you strap on all of the gear required for a modern, immersive, virtual reality experience, you’re all but completely blind to the real world. But interacting with real world objects can often enhance a virtual experience, so Disney’s researchers came up with a way to let users catch a real ball without leaving a VR world. Read More >>

Watch an Aluminium Baseball Bat Crumble When Dunked in This Chemical

The next time you find yourself being chased by bill collectors, all you need is a beaker full of gallium to turn the aluminium baseball bats they’re wielding into what looks like a kid-safe toy made from squishy Nerf foam. Read More >>

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Using an iPad to Photograph Stuff Is Only Okay If It Saves Your Life

Here we have Tom at a girl's softball tournament, taking pictures with his iPad. Ordinarily, we'd scold him for that kind of behaviour, but since his iPad saved him from death by foul ball, we're going to let it slide, just this once. Read More >>

Behold the Cyborg Baseball Players of the Future

Last year the German Aerospace Center developed Rollin' Justin, an articulated robot that was particularly adept at catching balls. But so he doesn't have to play catch alone, the DLR just finished building his clunky pitching teammate, Agile Justin. Read More >>