Flying Suit
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I Can’t Believe This Amazing Flying Guy in a Wingsuit Didn’t Crash Into the Mountain at 155MPH

I keep watching this video over and over, and every time this insane guy in a wingsuit somehow manages to avoid smashing into the side of the mountain, by perfectly zipping through a ridiculously narrow cave, it's unbelievable. It doesn't make sense. He's flying at 155 miles per hour! Read More >>

These Guys Skipped Out on a Bar Tab By Parachuting Off a 63-Storey Skyscraper

Have you heard this one before? Four guys dressed in business suits walk into a fancy bar and order a Negroni cocktail... that might sound like a start of a bad joke but in reality it's the beginning of a ridiculously awesome stunt. After finishing their drinks, the daredevils skip out on their tab by jumping off the bar's 55th storey balcony and parachuting to safety. Read More >>