The Best Fitness Tracker You Can Buy Now Has a Sleek Titanium Case

The Basis Peak is probably the best fitness tracker you can buy right now, more capable and more accurate than the rest of the competition. Now, it’s been updated with a sleek titanium case, a bunch of new leather straps and a fistful of smart software tweaks. Read More >>

The Basis Peak Fitness Tracker Won’t Replace Your Smartwatch

This February, the Basis Peak got a new ability to display smartwatch notifications in a new firmware update. Does that make it a great smartwatch, too? Ehhh... not so much. I just spent the last couple of weeks trying it out, and here are my findings. Read More >>

Basis Peak to More Get Smartwach-Like Features

Smartwatch-style notifications are coming for the Basis Peak in mid-December. Also, the Peak will now stream your heart rate data via Bluetooth to Strava, MapMyRun and Endomoto apps. [Basis Blog] Read More >>

Basis Peak: A £199 Fitness Tracker With Smartwatch Dreams

From the very beginning, the Basis Band wanted to do more than the Fitbit and Nike competition. With high-tech sensors designed to monitor your heart rate and sweat levels — not just your flailing arms — it was one of the first, best activity trackers on the market. It was also an ugly little cretin, but the caterpillar is finally coming out of its cocoon: The new £199 Basis Peak brings some smartwatch sensibility to the company's medical-grade formula. Read More >>