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This Rube Goldberg Basketball Machine Has Enough Tricks to Be a Harlem Globetrotter

It seems not even basketball court jester is a job that’s safe from from the rise of the machines. Students from Georgia Tech University in the US built a giant Rube Goldberg contraption that’s capable of reproducing many of the Harlem Globetrotters’ most crowd-pleasing tricks; from spinning a ball on a finger, to simply sinking baskets. Read More >>

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Watch This Guy Sink a Record-Breaking 660-Foot Basketball Shot From Atop a Waterfall

From the free-throw line—a distance of just 15 feet—I can maybe put the ball in the basket about twenty per cent of the time. I’m not NBA material, but the league might consider drafting the guys from YouTube’s How Ridiculous, who just nailed a seemingly impossible 660-foot basketball shot. Read More >>

This Dude Can Make a Basketball Spin on Damn Near Anything

“The Tricky” is a pro streetballer in Serbia who either has total control over inanimate objects or the ability to bend gravity, because he can make a basketball spin on pretty much anything that can loosely resemble a finger. That means the corner of books, the tips of pens, the bottom of Coca Cola bottles, toothbrushes (while brushing), razors (while shaving), knives (while cutting), and more. Read More >>

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This Crazy Basketball Shot Off a 583-Foot Tower Made Such an Unexpected Spin

Leave it to the Harlem Globetrotters to come up with new ways to nail trick shots. Though it’s not the tallest basketball shot ever made (that award goes to this 593-foot shot off a dam), the Harlem Globetrotters version might be even more unique. That's because there’s this weird, almost reverse arc to the shot. Read More >>

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This 593-Foot Free Throw Might be the Greatest Basketball Shot Ever Made

If you thought those cross-court, buzzer-beating basketball shots you’ll find all over YouTube were impressive, you’ll be blown away by the How Ridiculous team’s latest stunt. They set an official Guinness World Record with this 593-foot free throw made from the top of the Mauvoisin Dam in Switzerland. Read More >>

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How to Spin a Basketball on One Finger

Growing up, I did nerdy things. I played the violin, I was in a couple of honour societies, and I almost got a D in PE one term because it was early in the morning and I often showed up 20 minutes late (or not at all). Read More >>

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Holding a Slam Dunk Competition on a Moving Train Requires Big Balls

The Dunking Devils, last seen pulling off incredible trick shots while swinging from a bridge, are back with an even wilder collection of dunks and stunts that all take place on board a moving train. Read More >>

Harlem Globetrotters Pull Off the Most Amazing Basketball Trick Shot Ever

A man's done quite the amazing fancy trick shot at the basketball, and it only took a winch, lots of ropes, and a favourable wind to pull it off. Read More >>

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Basketball Dunks Are Better When Swinging From a Bridge

Forget using a trampoline to up your dunking game like some half-time NBA mascot. Go find yourself a bridge over a lazy river like the Dunking Devils did, attach a swing and a hoop, and you’ll be pulling off dunks like the NBA All-Star game has never seen before. Read More >>

Installing This Temporary Basketball Net is as Easy as a Free Throw

A playground basketball hoop with net still intact is no easy find. But because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as the swish of a net after a perfect shot, someone has created a temporary one that can be easily installed on any regulation rim. Read More >>

The First Touch-Sensitive LCD Basketball Court in the World

Nike has created this huge touch-sensitive LCD basketball court for a training session with Kobe Bryant. The court has built-in motion sensors that track every player's movements individually. It can also display training exercises for them to follow and show statistics on performance. Read More >>

Reminder: Say No to Text Message Breakups (Of all Kinds)

Quitting your job, as with breaking up, should never be done over text message. Outgoing University of Missouri men's basketball coach Frank Haith could certainly use a reminder: Haith just delivered his two weeks notice in a text message, reports Fox 4 KC. Read More >>

Can a Pair of Socks Really Make a Difference in Athletic Performance?

A pair of socks is a pair of socks is a pair of socks. Right? Not anymore. Even a pair of socks have technology that can improve athletic performance now. Read More >>

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The Ultimate Photobomb

I love this image. Two kids playing basketball while NASA's space shuttle Endeavour peeks from a corner on the background. It's like, "Sup boys? No interest in f*cking science or what?" Read More >>

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Nike’s ‘Live’ Frozen Moment Installation on Venice Beach is Absolutely Awesome

Nike's Jordan footwear range has given birth to the new CP3.IV shoe, celebrating its release with this awesome feat of photographic engineering. The two and a half minute video is one continuous shot of a frozen moment on the basketball courts of Venice Beach, which you've just got to see. Read More >>