Local Faked Council Parking Signs to Keep Commuters Away

A person in Bath, driven mad by outsiders dumping their cars on his or her road, has created their own restricted parking area — Zone F. Zone F doesn't actually exist, but the parking signs this road vigilante made look very authentic indeed. Read More >>

Bath Plans Tourist Tax on Overnight Stayers

Bath's council has come up with a plan to help pay for the costly maintenance of all those viaducts and baths and Roman things it has to continually patch up with the right kind of legacy mortar -- tax the tourists. Read More >>

Hundreds Evacuated in Bath After Live WWII Bomb is Found Under a Playground

Homes have been evacuated and roads have been closed after an unexploded, 500lb (228kg) WWII bomb was discovered just 1 metre beneath the playground of a former school. Read More >>

Man Suffers 24-Hour Toilet Lock-in

A man in Bath endured an entire day locked in a public toilet, as a management company locked them up as part of a cost-saving initiative -- without checking to see if there was anyone inside first. Read More >>

Fancy a Glass of Merloo Served Up in Bath’s Public Toilet Turned Wine Bar?

One of the more romantic public toilets in Bath could be saved from closure, after council officials appeared to approve a plan that would see it turned into a watering hole of another kind altogether. Read More >>

Taxi Drivers May Face Satnav Ban Because They Ought to Bloody Know Where They’re Going

Taxi drivers in Bath might be about to lose their right to have a GPS device tell them where to go, as local councillors argue that part of the job of a driver is to have a full knowledge of their host city and that satnavs also reduce visibility and distract drivers. Read More >>

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Field of Light Illuminates Bath’s Night

What do electric sheep dream of? My guess would be fields of lights like this — except, you know, edible. Read More >>