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The First Full Trailer for Batman and Harley Quinn Marks a Return to Classic DC Animated Style

The Dark Knight and the woman formerly known as Dr. Harleen Quinzel are usually trying to punch or—in the latter’s case—kill each other. Now, in DC’s latest direct-to-video animated feature, they’ve got to work together so that humanity doesn’t get turned into fertiliser. Read More >>

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The Ultimate Cosplayer Built a Working Version of Batman’s Grappling Hook Gun

Probably best known for his functional electromagnetic Captain America shield replica, YouTube’s The Hacksmith and his team spent the past six months designing, building, and re-building a working Batman grappling hook gun that makes it extra easy to escape awkward cosplay conventions. Read More >>

New Documentary Explores Mystery Behind Batman’s Secret Co-Creator

If there’s one name that is synonymous with Batman, it’s Bob Kane. As the series’ original creator, he’s long been seen as the genius behind the Dark Knight. One documentary is shining a Bat Signal on the other man behind Bruce Wayne. Read More >>

Matt Reeves Is Officially Directing the Next Batman Movie

It’s been a tumultuous few weeks behind the scenes of the upcoming Batman film, but now it’s official. Warner Bros. announced that Matt Reeves, the director of Cloverfield, Let Me In, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and this summer’s War for the Planet of the Apes, is directing a standalone Batman film. Read More >>

Giant Batman Robot Reveals Bruce Wayne’s Got Iron Man Envy

A few years ago, in the Batman comic books, after the caped crusader was presumed dead, Jim Gordon helped protect Gotham using a giant Batman mechanised suit. That “Superheavy” story arc is what inspired this obscenely giant BatBot Xtreme toy that will make you wish you were five-years old again. Read More >>

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Everyone’s Smiling When The Dark Knight Joker and Suicide Squad Joker Fight to the Death

As played by the late Heath Ledger in Batman: The Dark Knight, and Jared Leto in Suicide Squad, the latest recent live-action versions of the Joker have been among the most debated iterations of the character. A new fan-produced short has them fighting each other. Read More >>

Sorry, Ben, But You’re a Batman Forever Now

The latest dire DC Extended Universe rumours making the rounds is that not only is Ben Affleck not directing the Batman movie, the man wants out of the role entirely. We have a message for him: Sorry, Ben. You’re stuck as Batman. So you might as well suck it up. Read More >>

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All the Best Bat Merch for Lego Batman Fans

Today is the day that The Lego Batman Movie hits cinema screens across the world, provided you ignore the fact you could go and see it last weekend. It's the first in what seems to be a number of Lego Movie spin-offs, focussing on a lovably egotistical version of The Dark Knight. Read More >>

The Latest Ben Affleck Batman Rumour Is Encouraging, But in a Really Bad Way

When Ben Affleck gave up directing duties on the solo Batman film, it was obvious things were grim. And while the latest rumour seems to suggest they’re just getting worse, this time there’s a silver lining. Read More >>

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Batman v Superman Visual Effects Video Rains Digital Destruction Down on Everyone

It’s not a surprise that Batman v Superman had a lot of CGI. But an almost 12-minute effects reel reveals how many things were added, removed, and composited. For example, did you know Superman’s cape wasn’t real? Read More >>

The Lego Batman Movie Soundtrack Makes Its Play For the Next ‘Everything is Awesome’

While it’s hard to imagine anything that could reach the infectious, earworm-y highs of The Lego Movie’s ‘Everything is Awesome’, some newly-released tracks from The Lego Batman Movie try very hard. And also allegedly feature Alfred Pennyworth shredding a guitar in a rather radical fashion. Read More >>

The Batman We Needed and Deserved: Our Spoiler-Free Review of The Lego Batman Movie

Batman was the breakout star of 2014's The Lego Movie, so it made total sense that Warner Bros. would greenlight a Bat-themed spin-off. Batman keeps raking in millions upon millions after all, and that's without making himself suitable for a child-aged audience. Read More >>

Everything is Batman: All the Easter Eggs and References We Spotted in The Lego Batman Movie

After a few years of waiting, the Batman-centric Lego Movie spin-off is finally here. Sort of. It's actually out for real on Friday 10th, but people have been able to go and see it this weekend. The film is good, and we'll have a review up on site fairly soon. It is also, as promised, filled with easter eggs and callbacks to the Batmen of old, and given the 75+ year history of the character there are plenty of them to enjoy. Here's everything we spotted: Read More >>

The Lego Batman Movie’s Bane Figure Is Totally Awesome

A lot of things look good about The Lego Batman Movie—whether it’s the film itself or the Lego sets. But I think my favourite thing about it is this new Bane “mini” figure that’s actually hulking, and it’s spine-tinglingly brilliant. Read More >>

Ben Affleck Will Not Direct the Batman Solo Film

Ben Affleck has decided that he will not direct the upcoming Warner Bros. standalone Batman film. He will still star and produce, but that’s it. Read More >>