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Pebble Watch Creator Now Wants to Keep Your AirPods From Dying and Disappearing

In 2012, when everyone assumed that no one wanted a smartwatch, the original Pebble became the poster-child for the crowdfunding site Kickstarter when it raised just over $10 million from excited backers. Five years later, Pebble is no more, its intellectual assets are now owned by Fitbit, and the company’s CEO is returning to Kickstarter with a new product that promises to protect and charge your pricey AirPods headphones. Read More >>

Ikea Can Sell You a Home Battery Now

Ikea's UK division has jumped on the home electricity storage bandwagon, and is now offering to install an LG-built battery in the house of anyone who happens to have their own renewable generation system. Read More >>

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EVs Sharing Power With Homes Can Improve Their Battery Life

Researchers looking at the various methods of sharing car battery power with the home think they're onto a winner, with one study showing that using an EV's battery to put power back into a home has no ill effects on the vehicle's battery life – and could even make it last a little better. Read More >>

UK Government Does Something Positive About Power And Renewable Energy

The government will invest heavily in the UK to create better battery designs, reduce the tariffs that discourage people selling their own electricity back to the grid and make smart devices use power more intelligently. Read More >>

Samsung’s Obsession With Non-Exploding Batteries Is Good For Your Phone

Since the exploding Note 7 cost Samsung billions, and damaged the company's reputation quite substantially, it has become a little obsessed with batteries. It's particularly interested in making batteries that don't explode, although one might question why this wasn't more of a focus previously. Read More >>

Renault Plans a Battery Farm With the Capacity of a Power Station

Renault has had another idea about what to do with electric car batteries that are slightly past their prime -- bank them all up in one place and make something with the same peak energy output capability as a coal or gas power station. Better make sure there's a good sprinkler system installed. Read More >>

Renault to Repackage Car Batteries for the Home

Renault is joining its car-making enemy Nissan in repurposing old electric car batteries for the home, with a deal with Powervault to see relatively affordable li-ion power units for the home go on sale in the UK. Read More >>

Apple’s Blaming Third Party Batteries for Those Exploding Headphones

Back in March, while flying between Sydney and Beijing, a woman was quite badly burned after her headphones caught fire. The brand of headphones hasn't been revealed, but since Apple has released a statement on the matter it seems more than likely that they're Apple-manufactured. Read More >>

Nissan to Sell Recycled EV Batteries for Home Power

Nissan's Sunderland factory is about to start producing a wall-mounted artisan battery for the home, and the xStorage unit is using recycled electric car batteries to keep the costs down. Read More >>

Oh Great, Now Bluetooth Speakers Are Exploding

This week’s edition of Batteries Are Dangerous brings us to the great state of New Jersey, where a Bluetooth speaker recently started burning on a girl’s bed and then exploded. Thankfully, nobody was hurt, and the house didn’t burn down. The incident still serves as a cautionary tale for us all. Read More >>

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Pumping 20,000 Volts Into a Watermelon Ends as Spectacularly as You’d Hope

Unlike a battery, which stores power as chemical energy that’s slowly and steadily discharged to keep your gadgets running, a capacitor can unload all of its juice in the blink of an eye. Even a small capacitor has the potential to stop your heart, but when it’s the size of a dishwasher, well, this watermelon demonstrates exactly how destructive it can be. Read More >>

UK Getting Two 50 Megawatt Batteries for £250m

Cumbria and Kent are about to become the UK's battery compartments, with the two sites set to benefit from a £250m investment in energy storage. The end result will be two battery farms able to store 50 megawatts of power between them, and perhaps even a bit more than that if staff blow on them and swap them around. Read More >>

94-Year-Old Lithium-Ion Battery Inventor Switches to Solid-State

John B. Goodenough is quite the man. As if making it through life to the age of 94 with that name wasn't enough of an achievement, he also has a blue plaque on the wall in Oxford that commemorates his part in proving up the concept of the lithium-ion battery that makes life so bearable these days. And he's still making the batteries. Read More >>

Bankers Hoard Cobalt Ahead of Assumed Electric Car Boom

The various battery makers that supply the electric and hybrid carmakers of today are suddenly finding it a bit hard to buy quantities of cobalt on the open market, thanks to a joined-up attempt by a bunch of hedge funds to corner the market for the essential metal. Read More >>

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Slo-Mo Video Reveals Batteries Become Tiny Missiles When You Light Them on Fire

By now we’ve all seen how dangerous some batteries can be, but the Slow Mo Guys are back with some more incredible slow-motion footage revealing that even the seemingly innocuous AA batteries stuffed in your TV remote can easily turn into a high-speed, exploding projectile if you’re not careful. Read More >>