Does Playing Loud Music Drain Your Battery Faster?

Of all the things your smartphone can do, playing music is one of the least demanding. Listening to a song puts very little strain on the CPU, doesn’t require GPS, and often doesn’t require wi-fi (so long as the music files are stored on your phone). Simple physics says that listening to louder music should use up battery faster, but I still wanted to know exactly how much. Read More >>

Is Google Now Nuking Your iPhone’s Battery?

Now that Google Now's on the iPhone, constantly being helpful in the background, there are rumours flying around that it's nuking phone batteries because it's hammering Location Services. Google says that's not possible, but what are you folks seeing? Read More >>

iPhone 4S
Apple Fixes the iOS 6.1 iPhone Battery Drain Issue, But Fails to Patch the Gaping Security Hole

Apple's finally gotten around to fixing the Exchange looping bug that was sucking batteries dry with another point update, but it's failed to nail shut the gaping hole in its lockscreen. Glad to see Apple's got its priorities straight. Read More >>

iPhone Low Battery
Apple Knows What’s Nuking Your iOS 6.1 Battery Life and Is Fixing it

If you've got bugs in your products you'd assume the company who made them is going to fix them, but it's reassuring that Apple's come out and said it specifically. Apparently Cupertino's identified the bug that's killing iOS 6.1 iPhone batteries, and is in the process of crushing the life out of it. Meanwhile, here's what you have to do to stop it for now. Read More >>

It’s Not Just Crappy Free Apps That Suck Your Battery Dry, So Do Rubbish Mobile Sites

We all know annoying advertising in free apps nukes your battery, but did you know that poorly designed mobile sites are eating away at your precious power way more than they need to too? According to some Stanford researchers (pdf) there’s a surprise winner all this – the notoriously heavy full-blown Gmail’s lightweight mobile brother is apparently the “greenest” mobile site of them all. Read More >>