Everyone Exaggerates Laptop Battery Life Except Apple

A new study from Which? shows what we've all long suspected: many manufacturers hugely overstate how long their laptop batteries last. Read More >>

Deleting the Facebook App Could Save Up to 20 Per Cent of Your Android’s Battery Life

Facebook has had an ongoing problem developing on Android for a while now. Facebook’s central item officer, Chris Cox, even encouraged his staff to switch to Android in order to live with the issues and figure them out. A recent independent test by Tech World Zone found that the problems have persisted and that life could be a lot better without the Facebook app. Read More >>

Samsung’s Batteries Are Damn Good

I just posted a big laptop-tablet hybrids roundup, one of which included the Galaxy TabPro S (top right corner). When we originally reviewed the TabPro, we gave kudos for its long-lasting battery. But when we actually pitted it against the competition, the difference was staggering. Read More >>

Apple Reportedly Fixing Misleading iPhone 6S Battery Life Issue

Apple is reportedly working on a fix for an iPhone bug that causes the battery percentage level to freeze. It’s believed to affect both the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, and can trick users into thinking they have more power to eat into than they actually do. Read More >>

This Power Bank Will Save You When You Forget to Charge Your Apple Watch

Apple’s smartwatch is supposed to have a battery life of 18 hours — and while that is a full day of activity, wearers do forget to charge the thing overnight. Thus begins the race to bring us gadgets for charging on the go, like this contender by Dutch wireless charging company Zens. Read More >>

How to Exclude Certain Apps From Android’s Battery-Saving Doze Feature

You may have heard one of the new features in Android Marshmallow is Doze, a standby mode for your apps that slows down background processes and pings to the cloud while your device isn’t being used. While there’s no way to turn Doze itself on or off, you can exclude certain apps from it if you want to make sure they’re kept on alert at all times. Read More >>

The Facebook App’s Making iPhone Battery Life Worse than Normal, and Everyone’s Furious

Not for the first or last time, people aren’t especially pleased with Facebook right now. Zucks and co have come under fire from iPhone users in particular, as it’s emerged that the iOS version of the Facebook app is ruining people's lives behaving a little unusually. Read More >>

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How to Maximise Battery Life on Windows 10

Whether you’ve upgraded to Windows 10 on your laptop or bought a brand new machine, you’re going to want to eke out as much battery juice as you can while you’re on the go. Microsoft’s shiny new OS includes a new native battery saver feature — and there are a few other tricks you can pull to make sure your laptop lasts until you can find a power socket. Read More >>

Future Versions of Chrome Will Kill Flash, in the Name of Battery Life

It’s no secret that Google Chrome hogs RAM and battery life like an Overly Attached Browser. In an effort to reduce the strain on your poor overwhelmed laptop, Google is introducing a feature that will auto-pause ‘unimportant’ Flash elements on a webpage. Hell yes. Read More >>

Report: The Apple Watch Will Only Last 2.5 Hours With “Heavy” Use

We've heard rumours for some time that Apple's been less than pleased with the purported battery life of its upcoming Apple Watch. And now, it looks they have plenty of reason to be worried. According to a new report from 9 to 5 Mac, the Apple Watch the battery is looking at just 2.5 to 4 hours of "active application use" before it dies. Yeesh. Read More >>

The Secret to Longer Battery Life May be in a New Form of Glass

Every time you give a little excited squeal at a high-tech spec sheet, a lithium-ion battery somewhere in the world sheds a single tear. While our gadgets' screens and processors get more advanced, battery technology seems to crawl along at a snail's pace. But a new discovery by scientists at ETH Zurich may offer a breakthrough to longer battery life for our phones, tablets, laptops and even electric cars. Read More >>

The Droid Turbo Could Have the Biggest Phone Battery You’ve Ever Seen

Want a phone with seriously killer battery life? It looks like the new Droid Turbo was built specifically for you. An image that showed up on TaoBao (basically Chinese Ebay) says that sucker will pack a mammoth 3,900 mAh battery. That is a lot of power. Read More >>

11 Tips to Keep iOS 8 From Destroying Your Battery Life

While your iPhone's new operating system comes with plenty of advantages, iOS 8 is not without its drawbacks. Maybe battery life just ain't quite what you'd want it to be, but we've got some tips to squeeze the most out of that sucker and stay juiced all day long. Read More >>

Report: Apple Watch Will Need Charging Every Day

Amidst all the fist-pumping and Bono-goofing yesterday, one piece of information was conspicuously absent: The Apple Watch's battery life. What's the point of strapping a tiny computer to your body if it needs constant charging? According to Re/code, even Apple hasn't quite figured out the battery dilemma yet. Read More >>

Moto 360 Battery Life Test: So Far, Not as Bad as You Heard

Battery life is generally the slowest thing to test on a gadget, and it's almost always the toughest to get right. There's just no way to rush it, and there are just so many variables regarding how people use a particular gadget that it's always one of those "your mileage may vary" type of situations. Last week, some very early reviews of the Moto 360 smartwatch lambasted its weak battery performance. It's possible they may have jumped the gun. Read More >>