Batwoman and Harley Quinn are Coming to E4 in the UK

Last month, while Crisis on Infinite Earths was kicking off its first three episodes a problem arose for anyone that was planning to watch the crossover (legally) in the UK. Namely that Sky had the rights to every participating series except Batwoman, which didn't have a home. Well there is some news to share, because it turns out E4 is on a rights-buying streak, and will bringing Batwoman to the UK alongside the new animated Harley Quinn series. Read More >>

In the Biggest Trailer Yet, Crisis on Infinite Earths is Looking Grim

“The multiverse needs you!” Yeah, because things are not going well. Read More >>

Crisis on Infinite Earths for Infinite Dummies

There are three types of people in this weird world of ours: people who are losing their minds with excitement for the Arrowverse’s imminent Crisis on Infinite Earths; people who are interested in DC’s epic, live-action superhero crossover event but don’t know enough about all the comics and continuity to understand or enjoy it; and the people who don’t give a monkey's. But all of those people should be interested – very interested – and you will be too after you read this guide, which will also help get you up to super-speed on the greatest comic book TV event ever. (First group, you may go about your business.) Read More >>

Weirdly Enough, the UK Won’t Get All of Crisis on Infinite Earths

skyIt’s sort of like how American English takes the letter “u” out of perfectly good words like it’s some kind of upstart revolutionary, but this time, it’s inverse, and we're taking out... Batwoman? Read More >>

Kevin Conroy Will Finally Get to Play a Live-Action Bruce Wayne in Crisis On Infinite Earths

Old Bruce is coming back, and he’s being played by the only person who really should be playing him. Read More >>

The Mediocrity of Batwoman Also Feels Like One of Its Biggest Strengths

It’s difficult to critique the pilot of Batwoman. There are certainly issues with it. There are criticisms to spare. But there’s something powerfully unique about the CW’s latest superhero show and it makes it really difficult to get too bogged down in the faults. This is the first solo superhero series centred on a queer character which makes it vitally important even if, sometimes, it gets caught up in its own mediocrity. Read More >>

Batwoman Rises in Our First Look at Ruby Rose as Kate Kane

We’ve known for a while now that Ruby Rose would be heading to Gotham this winter as the CW’s very own Batwoman. But now, we actually have an official look at her in costume, and the title of the CW’s best superhero look might just have a new owner. Read More >>

Ruby Rose Reveals She Grew Up as an Actual Batwoman

American TV network CW has enlisted Ruby Rose (The Meg) to be their live-action Kate Kane in the upcoming Arrow/Flash/Supergirl crossover special and next year’s potential Batwoman series from Caroline Dries. The moment her casting was announced, it immediately clicked. But now, the actress is sharing just how much like Batwoman she is. You see: Ruby Rose grew up with real bats. Read More >>

TV’s Live-Action Batwoman Is Ruby Rose

The CW has apparently found its Batwoman: Ruby Rose is heading to Gotham City. Read More >>

Holy Shit, Batwoman is Swooping Into the Next DC Crossover

For years, Arrow has danced around references to the Dark Knight, a comic character seemingly forever out of reach to the CW/DC multiverse of shows. But no more — because the next crossover is heading to Gotham City, and meeting up with a familiar face: Batwoman herself. Read More >>