The BBC is Launching an Interactive News Service for Smart Speakers

There's a lot of news out there in the world, and getting through it all can be a bit of a pain - especially if you end up being drowned in stuff you don't like hearing about. Like Brexit, or how some reality TV star did a thing that annoyed another one, and they're now bitter rivals until the producers decide they should make up on camera. Read More >>

New Bitcoin Scam Takes You To A Fake BBC News Page

Quite a crafty one, this – someone was expecting an invoice from their building company, and received a blank email from them. The email had been coded to only show a 'display message' button, which the person unthinkingly clicked to see the invoice. Read More >>

Did You See the Topless Woman in Last Night’s BBC News at 10?

If your computer screen is going to be visible during a live news broadcast, it's a good idea to actually do some work rather than skive off. We all saw that Australian banker caught looking at naughty pictures back in 2010, and now something similar seems to have happened with the BBC. Read More >>

Facebook Now Puts Full Articles From Big Publishers in Your News Feed

Facebook has just launched a new service called Instant Articles, which allows media organisations to create interactive pieces which are hosted on Facebook’s servers and embedded in your news feed. Read More >>

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Ayyy! The Fonz Doesn’t See Heathrow Expansion Ruining His Happy Days

If it's cool with Fonzie, it's cool with us: In what felt like a moment of Bizarro World programming on the part of BBC News, last night's 6pm show asked Henry "The Fonz" Winkler his thoughts on the proposed Heathrow Airport expansion. Read More >>

I’m a Bird! This Pigeon Simulator Lets You Soar Over London

Who hasn't dreamed of soaring over a city, dipping between the rooftops, peering into people's windows? A new simulator allows anyone to have a real-life birds-eye view of London as a pigeon, without the disease or wire-trap limb amputations. Read More >>

BBC News: We’ve Been Hacked by the Iranians

BBC News' outlet BBC Persia was reportedly hacked by Iranian authorities overnight. The news group claims that the cyber-attack is part of an expanding effort by the regime to stifle coverage within the country. Read More >>

Block-Out Nick Robinson From Your Facebook With the BBC News Control Panel

Social media is apparently where people consume most of their news these days; even the BBC is getting involved. It’s launched a BBC News Control Panel for Facebook that lets you customise what types of stories you see in your News Feed. Read More >>

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Another Awesome Cassetteboy Remix Shows Us the Funny Side of BBC News

Cassetteboy, the talented electronica duo from Brixton, is back again having polished off Alan Sugar in 2009 and the Dragon's Den in 2010, this time it’s got the BBC News in its sights. Remixed, sampled and made to say hilarious things, poor old George Alagiah simply doesn’t know what’s hit him. Read More >>

Sony Bravia Internet TVs Get BBC News App to Tell You the End of the World is Happening, On-Demand

Sony’s rolling out a BBC News app to go alongside its existing BBC iPlayer app, giving news seekers on-demand video and text formatted for the TV screen. Read More >>