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Doctor Who Returns to Chilling Form, With Help From a Ghost of Futures Past

The past few episodes of Doctor Who had slowly begun to unravel a lingering problem with this latest iteration of the show: too many people at the TARDIS console, leading to narrative setups that take too long to get going, or leave some of our heroes behind to really get there. Ahead of its season finale however, the show managed to find a way to have this large crew really work. Read More >>

Watch the New Killing Eve Trailer and Rage About How Late it’s Coming to the UK

We knew there was a third series of the incredible Killing Eve on the way, but we now know the UK release date – and it's a disappointment. Read More >>

Government Tells the BBC the Licence Fee is Indeed Facing Abolition

Sources within the government have given the BBC a tip-off that it definitely wants to see the end of the licence fee, and plans to replace it with an entirely optional subscription model that would see huge chunks of the corporation's TV, radio and web news content binned for good. Read More >>

Dracula Showrunners Explain How it Could be Resurrected for a Second Season

BBC and Netflix’s three-part Dracula miniseries ended on a pretty final note, but with the show’s surprising success it’s possible that Count Dracula could wind up coming back for more. Read More >>

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The BBC Responds to Backlash Over Doctor Who’s Approach to Social Awkwardness and Mental Health

The latest episode of Doctor Who tackled mental health struggles through the lens of a fight against eternal, godlike beings who fed off the traumatic fears of the mortal realm. But it ended with a scene between the Doctor and one of her companions that has left some fans deeply disappointed – and the BBC has had to offer an official response to complaints. Read More >>

A Subscription BBC Would Kill CBeebies for a Start, Says BBC Chairman

The talking colourful shapes channel CBeebies would be one of the first casualties of a Netflix-style subscription BBC should the licence fee model ever come to an end, says the corporation's chairman Sir David Clementi. Read More >>

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Doctor Who Gets Trippy as Hell and Trips Over Itself in the Process

Sunday’s Doctor Who was an existential deep dive into the power of human cooperation, of arsehole gods, of mental health, and of the importance of communication on all three of those fronts. Or, rather, it wanted to be. In trying to present a trippy lens into all those ideas, it tripped over a problem that’s recently become quite apparent for the show. Read More >>

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In This Doctor Who Exclusive, One of the 9th Doctor’s Earliest Mysteries is Investigated

Way back in the very first episode of Doctor Whos revival, alien conspiracy theorist Clive showed Rose Tyler a series of cryptic images – a mysterious man, never ageing, but present at all sorts of historic events, from the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa to the Kennedy assassination. Now, a new Big Finish story hopes to tell the tale behind one of those pictures. Read More >>

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River Song and Captain Jack are Teaming Up for a Doctor Who Audio Adventure

Fresh off his surprise cameo in the latest season of Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who, Captain Jack Harkness is heading out on a new voyage in the latest audio adventure series from Big Finish. Anybody who’s eager for a certain Doctor Who pairing will be in luck because guess who’s coming aboard? “Hello, sweetie.” Read More >>

BBC Wants Another £3 a Year for its Licence Fee

Our polarising national broadcaster is about to benefit from many additional multiples of £3 a year, as the cost of paying the licence fee is to rise from £154.50 to £157.50 on the 1st of April. Read More >>

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The BBC’s Haptic Weather Forecast Machine Lets You Feel the Weather

The BBC has cooked up a new way to deliver the weather forecast using haptic technology - although it's only an internal prototype right now, so don't get too excited. Read More >>

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Chris Chibnall Cast a Black Woman as the Doctor, But It’s Only Just a Start

In this week’s episode, “Fugitive of the Judoon,” the BBC’s Doctor Who made history by casting a Black woman, Jo Martin, as the Doctor for the first time in the series’ 57-year history. Let’s talk about it. Read More >>

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Doctor Who’s Surprise Return Says They Kept It a Secret From Almost Everyone…Except David Tennant

Doctor Who’s latest episode was full of surprises – to the point where a major cast member making their long-awaited return wasn’t even the biggest part! The actor behind one of the coolest cameos this side of the TARDIS is sharing details about that fateful Chris Chibnall phone call, what his codename was on set, and why he couldn’t resist telling David Tennant he was back. Read More >>