BBC iPlayer Will Now Have Its Shows Hanging Around for a Year Rather Than Just a Month

The BBC has managed to persuade Ofcom to allow it to keep its programs on iPlayer for a year, rather than the usual 30-day catch-up. Read More >>

Young People Have Given up on the TV News

The youth of the nation are more likely to get their day's news about the world from social media or by reading graffiti in bus stations than seeing it on the telly, with the average 16-24-year-old watching just two minutes' worth of live TV news per day. That's surely just cumulative accidental exposure by cycling through the channels. Read More >>

BBC Celebrity Chef Endorses Spaghetti Hoops

The BBC's in-house celebrity chef Nadiya Hussain has assembled one of the most bizarre cooking segments seen on TV since Fanny Craddock washed her hands in a bucket one Christmas in the 1970s, managing to baffle and repel both foodies and normal people who eat crisps for dinner alike by suggesting adding a tin of Heinz Spaghetti Hoops to... fish pie. Read More >>

The His Dark Materials Comic-Con Panel Discussed Daemon Puppets, Religion and a Singing Lin-Manuel Miranda

With Game of Thrones gone, seems as good a time as any for a new fantasy epic to come into the picture. HBO looks to have that covered with BBC’s upcoming adaptation of His Dark Materialswhich made its San Diego Comic-Con debut this year. The panel had fun and got deep, diving into everything from daemon puppets, to how the show will handle religion, a controversial topic the previous film chose to ignore. Read More >>

BBC and ITV Streaming Service BritBox Is Making Its UK Debut Later This Year

The Brit-themed streaming service from BBC and ITV that made its debut in the US in 2017 is making good on the promise of its UK launch before the end of the year. Read More >>

Top Gear Makes a Return to Forza

If you've been playing Microsoft's exclusive racing series Forza for a while, you'll probably remember that the BBC's topical car programme Top Gear used to make an appearance once in a while. Back then, though, it was everyone's favourite/most hated [delete as appropriate] Clarkson, May and Hammond. But since they've sodded off over to Amazon*, Top Gear's gone through a range of different hosts. Two mainstays, though, have been profession racing driver-cum-presenter Chris Harris, and of course The Stig. These two will be the faces (or white helmets; obviously The Stig has no face) that'll pop up in Forza Horizon 4's Top Gear Story, that's available now. Read More >>

Potential Blackadder Return Horrifies All Entertainment Consumers

Many of the original stars of legendary historical sitcom Blackadder are said to be bang up for reuniting to record a fifth full series, with TV sources saying the old gang's considering getting back together to mock Baldrick's understanding of logistics once more. Read More >>

doctor who
A Brief History of Doctor Who’s Missing Episodes

It’s hard to imagine that a franchise with such an important history as Doctor Who doesn’t have a complete archive of its journeys across time and space. But that’s been the case for Who since the ‘70s, and the impact of a controversial BBC program that impacted many shows of the ‘50s and ‘60s is still felt today. Read More >>

The BBC is Doing Cloud Storage and Wants You to Have Full Control Over Your Data

The BBC has announced a new box for your home that aims at storing all of your precious personal data locally, giving you control over what you share and with whom. Read More >>

Most Over-75s are Going to Have to Start Paying for Their TV Licence

We have to pay for a TV licence if we want to watch live TV, regardless of which channel it is, which a fair few people tend to be quite resentful of. But what might make them feel a bit better about coughing up £145 a year is that those older types are going to have to start ponying up the cash too. It's been announced that most over-75s are going to have to start paying for their TV licences from next June. Read More >>

New Top Gear May Feature Traumatic Scenes of Male Hugging

The new presenters of the BBC's Top Gear are warning that some established viewers may find the new series a bit hard to stomach, as the members of the refreshed presenting line up say they get along so well they often resort to hugging each other. Read More >>

Worzel Gummidge Reboot Reveals Next-Gen Turnip Head

The BBC has revealed the first image from its forthcoming blockbuster reboot of Worzel Gummidge, demonstrating the lengths that poor old Mackenzie Crook is having to go to each day to get his prosthetic turnip head on for shooting. Read More >>

BBC Goes to Conduct Its First Broadcast Over 5G, Immediately Hits Data Cap

There’s a dark secret lurking behind all the promised benefits of the impending 5G networks slowing coming online around the world: all that extra speed and bandwidth is going to make it really hard to stay within your monthly data limits, as the BBC recently discovered with its first live segment streamed over 5G. Read More >>

Google Promises to Crack Down on Ads Offering Official Services at Extortionate Prices

Following a BBC investigation, Google has promised to investigate instances of ads for overpriced services eclipsing the official channels that are much cheaper, and sometimes free of charge. Read More >>

iPlayer Has Lost to Netflix, says BBC

A maudlin BBC has announced that it's lost the streaming battle to Netflix, despite the fact that no one really considered them competitors. Read More >>