Streaming Giants Need the Same Regulation as us, Says BBC Boss

BBC director general Tony Hall has come up with an idea that's fairly impossible to introduce, but still. He'd like to see the massive global media streaming services subjected to the same regulatory regimes as the BBC and the other UK public service broadcasters face, lest original UK content fade from our screens over the coming years. Read More >>

BBC Plans to Cut Web Content to Fight Competition

As reported today by The Guardian, it looks like the BBC is planning to change up the content on its website by focusing on the areas that do well and removing lower traffic sections. Read More >>

Anti-Brexiters Quietly Politicise the Proms With EU Hats

A really, really polite political battle unfolded on the BBC over the weekend, as the flag-waving enthusiasm at the last night of the proms turned into a war of patriotism between those with union flags and rivals holding EU banners. Read More >>

Doctor Who Gets Cheeky With Jodie Whittaker’s New Teaser

You see it. You see what they did there. They know you saw. Read More >>

doctor who
Doctor Who’s New Doctor Is Being Transformed Into a Little Miss

Times change, and so does the Doctor—so now that Jodie Whittaker is the latest incarnation of Doctor Who’s Time Lord adventurer, Adam Hargreaves’ line of Doctor Who/Mr. Men mashup books is adding a Little Miss. Now here's the first look at Dr. Thirteenth, the latest Doctor Who take on the endlessly charming world of Roger Hargreaves’ children’s books. Read More >>

Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who Will Premiere in October, on a New Night

Put on your snazzy coats and get out the gadgets, because now we know exactly when the eleventh season of Doctor Who is coming to air. Read More >>

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The BBC Wants Microsoft’s Help Catching the Doctor Who Leaker

Back in June a the BBC suffered a leak, with a rough cut of a scene from Doctor Who's 11th series premier hitting the net. Naturally it wasn't too happy about this development, and has already taken the matter to court in order to hunt down the leaker. Now, though, it's requesting Microsoft's help. Read More >>

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The More I See the New Doctor’s Outfit, the More I Love It

When the Thirteenth Doctor’s rainbow-accented costume was first revealed, I was admittedly a little reticent. I didn’t dislike it, per se, but there was a quirkiness to it which made it stand out much more than the typical aesthetics of Doctor Who’s modern Time Lord couture. But the more and more we see of season 11, the more the ensemble really works. Read More >>

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The Way David Tennant Learned the Identity of Doctor Who’s New Lead Is Absolutely Adorable

The casting of Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor was of the utmost secrecy for the BBC, but a few former Time Lords got to learn the identity of the new Doctor a little earlier than the rest of us. Some guessed it accidentally, but others like Tenth Doctor David Tennant got a very sneaky surprise. Read More >>

A Lot of People Were Watching the World Cup and Wimbledon in 4K

As a lot of you will be aware, the BBC has been trialling live broadcasts in 4K HDR for a while now. Most notably it promised to stream various World Cup matches and all of Wimbledon with the enhanced picture to further test the capabilities of such high quality live broadcasts. The streams weren't without their hiccups, but that doesn't mean people were any less deterred. Read More >>

4K Vision: Inside The BBC’s Journey To Making TV In Ultra-HD

Over the summer, you might have spotted that the BBC has been quietly dipping its toe into Ultra-HD (UHD) waters. Following the successful iPlayer debut of Blue Planet II in UHD last Christmas, the corporation has more recently been offering the World Cup and Wimbledon’s Centre Court in UHD too - and according to recently released figures these events together totally 1.6m requests for UHD live streams on iPlayer. Read More >>

UK TV Networks Are Looking at Creating a ‘British Netflix’ to Combat Falling Viewing Figures

Today, Ofcom has announced that TV streaming services – such as Netflix, Amazon Prime TV and Now TV – now have more subscribers in the UK than traditional paid satellite/cable services. Combined subscriptions to streaming services reached 15.4 million as of Q1 2018, while paid TV subscriptions is at 15.1 million. Read More >>

iPhone Confuses ‘Syria’ for ‘Siri’ During UK Defence Secretary’s Speech

For modern smartphone owners, it’s a common enough of an occurrence. You’re just sitting there, talking about whatever, when suddenly you say something that triggers the digital assistant on your phone. Now normally, you’d probably get annoyed for a second, tap a button to dismiss the interruption, and then continue with whatever you were doing. Read More >>

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The BBC is Heading to Court to Hunt Down a Doctor Who Leaker

Last week, an incomplete scene featuring Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor surreptitiously hit the web, giving fans eager for leaks and spoilers a taste of what to expect from the next season of Doctor Who. But while in the entertainment business leaks and spoilers are part and parcel of the industry, in this case, the BBC is none too pleased about it. Read More >>

The BBC’s Opening Up the Archives of its Computer Literacy Project

Back in the '80s the BBC launched something called the 'Computer Literacy Project', which was designed to inform and educate viewers about computers and information technology. It ran for nearly a decade, and even led to the BBC commissioning its own mini computer, the Micro, and using it to teach the principles of programming. Today the BBC admits that many of those lessons are still relevant, which is why it's opening up the Computer Literacy Project's archives to the public. Read More >>