Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys Is Being Turned Into a Radio Drama

It’s been a very good year for fans of Neil Gaiman. American Gods was excellent, there’s Good Omens on the way, and now another of his works is being brought to life on radio: his 2005 fantasy novel Anansi Boys. Read More >>

In This Doctor Who Christmas Special Clip, the First Doctor Hates the New TARDIS So Much

If there’s one thing that is a constant about Doctor Who’s multi-Doctor adventures, it’s a distaste for the TARDIS’ current “decoration” by former incarnations of its pilot. So it’s good to see that the First Doctor will be carrying on the tradition this Christmas. Read More >>

This is What Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor Will be Wearing

The 11th series of Doctor Who has begun filming, starring Jodie Whittaker in the titular role. While we've already seen the Doctor herself, and who she'll be travelling with, the BBC has just revealed an important part of any Doctor's arsenal: the clothes. Read More >>

The BBC is Going to Stream Another 1,000 Hours of Live Sport Each Year

There is a lot of live sport going on in the world. Countless sports, with even more teams, all competing together for whatever coveted title is at the top of their respective league tables. There's so much that a lot of it doesn't get the chance to be broadcast, though the BBC's pledge to stream a further 1,000 hours of live sport every year means there'll be more on offer than ever before. Read More >>

BBC Boss Warns of Netflix-Driven British Content Apocalypse

Uniquely weird and rubbish British TV is under threat, says Tony Hall, the current boss of the BBC. The obvious bad guy is Netflix, which is making TV production more focused around funding international smash hits and less keen on crappy regional sitcoms and stuff about teens vomiting and shagging on Mediterranean islands. Read More >>

Doctor Who Nerd Sacked for Sweary Hidden Message in BBC Magazine

A man tired of doing his seemingly easy and enjoyable day job has performed the classic old trick of spelling out a rude message with the first letter of each sentence, managing to beam out the unauthorised advertorial "Panini and BBC Worldwide Are C*nts" in the current edition of the BBC's Doctor Who Magazine. Read More >>

A Little Bit of Blue Planet II Was Filmed in Fish Tanks

The BBC is looking to head off controversy about the forthcoming natural history showcase Blue Planet II by openly admitting before transmission that a few sequences were filmed in glorified fish tanks. Read More >>

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The Second Trailer for the Blue Planet Sequel Reminds Us the World Is Still Worth Protecting

We’ve got nine long days to wait until the sequel to the BBC’s spectacular 2001 nature documentary, Blue Planet, airs on 29th October. Fortunately, the BBC has blessed us with a second trailer for Blue Planet II, which looks like it will make even the most extravagant Hollywood blockbusters pale in comparison. Read More >>

The BBC is Cancelling Crimewatch After 33 Years

It's the end of an era of sorts, because the BBC has announced it will be cancelled the long-running Crimewatch due to a decline in viewing figures. Instead the BBC will be producing two series of Crimewatch Roadshow each year, which goes on tour like a vigilante-investigative version of Antiques Roadshow. Read More >>

Ofcom Wants the BBC to Distribute More British-Made Programming

Ofcom has announced new rules for the BBC as part of a revamped operating licence. Those rules state that the BBC needs to broadcast more content produced within the UK. Read More >>

BBC iPlayer Now Lets You Access Over 450 Archived TV Programmes

For several years BBC iPlayer has offered viewers access to a slew of recently-broadcast TV programming, usually the last seven to thirty days worth. If you wanted to watch something older than that you were out of luck. But from today things are changing at iPlayer HQ, because the Beeb has launched a brand new section called 'From the Archive'. Read More >>

Radiohead & Hans Zimmer Team up for the BBC’s Blue Planet II

Really quite wildly differing musical artists Radiohead and Hans Zimmer have both signed up to provide a tune for the BBC's latest nature phenomenon, with undersea delight Blue Planet II set to benefit from their music. Read More >>

The BBC’s Making an Interactive Radio Play for Alexa and Google Home

Those smart speakers and virtual assistants have a lot of useful and not so useful features, but the whole voice control thing means there's still a lot of untapped potential. Hoping to unlock another slice of said potential is the BBC, which has announced a new interactive radio play for both Amazon's Alexa and Google Home. Read More >>

More Special Stuff is on the Way: The League of Gentlemen Returns to BBC Two

The BBC has today revealed a new lineup of programmes that will be hitting BBC Two in the near future. One of them in particular has got us rather excited indeed: The League of Gentlemen is making a return. Read More >>

BBC and C4 in Cookery Scheduling Custard Pie Fight

The bizarre TV cookery battle that's going on between the BBC and Channel 4 is still rumbling away, even now Bake Off and its BBC recreation are both about to be broadcast after a year of wrangling. Read More >>