BBC Wires up Scottish Island for 5G Radio Broadcasts

Lucky BBC technicians and staff from wireless ISP CloudNet have been handed the job of installing 5G test transmitters on the Orkney island of Stronsay, where a system that broadcasts radio over the high speed mobile data network of the future is to be trialled. Read More >>

BBC for Scotland Launches on Sunday

A small amount of swearing at digital TV boxes is required this Sunday, should viewers fancy watching an entire new channel from the BBC: BBC Scotland. Read More >>

BBC Creates Holby and Casualty Unified Cinematic Universe

The BBC is finally listening to fans within the 55-70 age demographic and giving them what they've been wanting for decades – a joint mega-outing TV event that combines the Holby City and Casualty televisual universes in one apocalyptic showdown. Read More >>

The BBC Launches Eco-Aware Lifestyle Brand BBC Planet

The BBC's about to cash in on the whole saving-the-world thing it accidentally kicked off with the last series of Planet Earth, by... selling some t-shirts and books. Eco-friendly t-shirts and books, obviously, shrinkwrapped in the type you can compost, should you bother composting. Read More >>

BBC Decides We’re Better Off With Less News

The BBC is about to shorten its boring old News At Ten pre-bed stress trigger, deciding that what we all really need now is a bit less news and more, er, youth programming. Read More >>

New Doctor Who Tells Old Doctor Who She Had No Idea What Was Going on in Doctor Who

David Tennant has a podcast for something to do now, and being something of a cult figure on the domestic sci-fi scene himself, he has the clout to pull in the big name guests, like a Scottish and primarily online Graham Norton. And there aren't many bigger names in the UK sci-fi niche right now than this week's guest, Jodie Whittaker. Read More >>

New Top Gear Presenter Continues Tradition of Crashing

Professional cricketer and amateur driver Andrew Flintoff has already given his new Top Gear colleagues something to endlessly guffaw about, as he managed to crash a pickup truck while filming a racing sequence for the next series of the car show. Read More >>

BBC’s New ‘Green Planet’ Will Be ‘Blue Planet’ For Plants

Blue Planet had us all ditching the plastic in droves. Dynasties had us thinking about animals in amazing new ways. And now a new BBC series hopes to make us feel things about plants. Read More >>

doctor who
Doctor Who’s New Dalek Had an Incredibly Good Secret Code Name on Set

Despite the fact it ended up leaking well in advance, Doctor Who put a lot into keeping the identity of its New Years Special’s villain—a battered, sinister, and lethal “Recon Dalek”—a secret. Part of that secrecy? An incredibly British code name that was used on the set. Read More >>

We Have 40 Seconds of New Alan Partridge

He's looking younger, more tanned, and suffers from a dry mouth. It's our first look at new Alan Partridge light entertainment  vehicle This Time With Alan Partridge, coming soon to a full spectrum, mainline, non-regional, proper, actual BBC channel that everyone's TV and box can receive. Read More >>

Fictional 1960s Women Slate Doctor Who Series 1

The extremely small number of Doctor Who fans who also watch Call the Midwife (under familial duress) were given a staggering treat by the BBC last weekend, as the latter gentle tearjerker included scenes where the ladies discussed the merits of first series Who serial The Aztecs. Read More >>

TV Licence Cancellations Rise as People Go Full Streaming

The number of people cancelling their TV licences has risen for the first time in five years, with the suspicious finger and squinting eye of blame pointing in the direction of those troublesome young-ish people who are more interested in the kudos of having a streaming account than indirectly bankrolling Graham Norton via the BBC's legacy media charge. Read More >>

Turns Out People Like Watching Sports In 4K, Reports BBC

The BBC has announced that its trials of 4K quality sports matches were "a hit with audiences," surprising basically no one. Read More >>

doctor who
Pass the Weekend with the BBC’s Backlog of Doctor Who Screenplays

Did you know that the BBC shares a lot of their teleplays online? Including a lot featuring our favourite Doctor. Read More >>

The BBC’s Launched a New Consultation About Keeping Things on iPlayer for Longer

We hear a lot of talk from the traditional terrestrial channels about trying to compete with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, because nobody wants to watch things at a pre-determined time they have to look up in the Radio Times. The BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 have even talked about joining forces for a super streaming service to better compete, though that's not what this story is about. Read More >>