The BBC Just Tested Live 4K HDR Footage for the First Time

The BBC isn't one to shy away from experimenting with different ways of broadcasting. It's played with all sorts of live broadcasts, and while some of them fail to pan out those experiments still happen. Now the Beeb has gone and performed its first live stream of 4K HDR video in the form of a rugby match. Read More >>

The BBC is Planning Abba’s Return (As CG Avatars to Maybe Sing One Song)

Abba are about to return, again, in an unsatisfactory way, with plans afoot for the BBC to co-produce some sort of massive TV event about the band. They're obviously worried about ABBA Gold ending its 833 week run in the UK album charts. Read More >>

The BBC Just Made Over 16,000 Sound Effect Samples Available Absolutely Free

The BBC has a pretty hefty archive these days, which is to be expected after nearly 100 years of operation. Among its archives are sound effects that have been used throughout the decades, and the Beeb just made 16,016 samples available to everyone - absolutely free. Read More >>

The BBC’s Day of the Triffids Foretold of the Tide-Eating Craze in 1981

Have you ever seen the 1981 BBC miniseries version of Day of the Triffids? My wife was recently rewatching the classic scifi tale and she saw something that she’d never noticed before: Someone eating Tide laundry detergent. Or at least trying to eat it. Read More >>

BBC Nature Doc Mixed up Italy and the Himalayas

The BBC's been caught fake-newsing the population again, although this one at least appears to have been an honest accident. One of its nature docs looking at the lives of people living in the Himalayas accidentally spliced in footage of the Dolomites mountain range, as found quite far away in Italy, leading to confusion among viewers who really know their mountain ranges. Read More >>

BBC Admits Getting Tribespeople to Fake Scenes for TV

Scenes from the BBC's 2011 series Human Planet were faked in part, the corporation has admitted, with the local tribespeople revealing that they pretended to need a new treehouse in order to give the film crew something interesting to record. Read More >>

David Attenborough Could be Breaking Out the Big Socks for Frozen Planet II

Sir David Attenborough might be about to front another big-budget BBC wildlife sequel on top of recent smash revivals Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II, with a production job posting from the corporation's Natural History Unit asking for someone with a keen interest in cold things to help reveal "...the wonder and majesty of the frozen third of our planet." Read More >>

The BBC is Redesigning iPlayer While Netflix Burns its Platform

The BBC has released a rather sad-faced report about the future of itself, in which it warns that the skyrocketing budgets and omnipresent online threat of the US media giants are putting the very concept of the BBC and all the British content it puts out into the world at risk. Read More >>

BBC iPlayer Has a New Font for Cost-Saving Reasons

The BBC has done the modern thing that thing Netflix has just done, creating its own family of fonts for use online so it can avoid paying licensing fees to the original creators. The BBC's font family is called BBC Reith in honour of founder John Reith, and has replaced the likes of Helvetica and Arial on the iPlayer this week. Perhaps as many as three people noticed the change, as it's not a hugely wacky design. The letter i is not dotted by a heart. Read More >>

Stephen Moffat Shares Snippet of Christopher Eccleston’s Rejected Doctor Who Cameo

Christopher Eccleston has never shied away from expressing his displeasure from working on Doctor Who for the one season he played the Ninth Doctor. Most recently, he came out and shared just how bad things got behind the scenes, creating a toxic environment that led him to turn down a cameo in the 50th anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor.” Now, former showrunner Stephen Moffat has given us a glimpse at what could have been. Read More >>

Christopher Eccleston Has Finally Revealed What Led to His Doctor Who Exit

It’s been nearly 13 years since Doctor Who returned from cancellation, which means it’s also been nearly 13 years since Christopher Eccleston made his shock exit as the Ninth Doctor. In the years since Eccleston has kept mostly quiet about why he left the show after just one season, but he’s now revealed the full extent of what caused his departure. Read More >>

The BBC Isn’t Keen on Killing FM Radio Just Yet

After the digital TV switchover finished itself off in 2012, it was only a matter of time before plans started being put into motion to do the same for radio. But the BBC isn't too keen on that idea. It wants to keep FM Radio around "for the foreseeable future". Read More >>

fake news
New BBC Game Teaches the Kids the Perils of Fake News

Back in December the BBC announced a new scheme that would teach the kids all about the fake news, and how you should always check Snopes before you go sharing outlandish stories. Now it's released a game to aid in that goal, and help people spot fake news. Read More >>

top gear
Top Gear Is Still Better Than The Grand Tour, But Risks Making The Same Mistakes As Its Rival

When the BBC sacked decided not to renew the contract of Jeremy Clarkson, and when Clarkson responded by doing pretty much the same old show but on Amazon’s Prime Video platform, the events created what scientists call a “natural experiment”. Read More >>

Doctor Who Has a Fresh, New Logo for Season 11

New star, new showrunner, new composer, and now a new logo—the next season of Doctor Who isn’t due until October, but it’s definitely shaking things up already. Read More >>