Someone Just Went Inside NASA’s Inflatable Space House for the First Time Ever

An astronaut just completed the very first walk (float?) into the ISS’s inflatable space house—and it neither popped nor floated away while he was inside. Success! Read More >>

Virgin Trains’ Free, Netflix-Style Streaming App May Make You Miss Your Stop

Virgin Trains has decided to be all modern and on-trend by launching its own free, Netflix-like entertainment service, called Beam, which will inevitably make the ticket inspector's job a little more annoying ("Excuse me, mind looking at me, reading my lips, hitting pause and rummaging around in your pockets for me?" Repeat) and lead to more customers missing their stops. Read More >>

Oh Man, Someone Is Finally Going Inside NASA’s Inflatable Space House

No need to panic, just because a frail human body—made up of imminently breakable bone, skin, and sinew—is about to step into the vacuum of space, protected only by a reinforced bouncy castle. EVERYTHING IS FINE. Read More >>

NASA Finally Inflates Its New Space House After Botched Attempt

After NASA’s lackluster attempt on Thursday to inflate BEAM, an expandable activity module, it had considerably more success yesterday. Read More >>

NASA’s New Inflatable Space House Failed and Nobody Knows Why

The International Space Station was supposed to get its very first attachable, expandable space house this morning. Instead, the structure refused to inflate—and nobody’s quite sure what went wrong. Read More >>

NASA’s Expandable Space Habitat Looks Super Cool

The ironic thing about living in space is that you spend all of your time crammed into a tiny tin can. So the brave men and women at the International Space Station are probably over the moon about what’s headed their way next month: a spare room. Read More >>

ces 2016
Edward Snowden Sneaked Into CES on a Pair of Wheels

He’s the world’s most wanted techie, yet he still managed to make an appearance at the world’s biggest gadget orgy. Edward Snowden didn’t quite pull a Jose Mourinho, smuggling himself to Vegas in a laundry basket, but caused a stir as his familiar face appeared on a screen attached to Beam, a robot on wheels. Read More >>

Beam Smart Projector Turns Lamps into Wall Art

Beam comes with the tagline "Screw it in and have fun," which is quite a claim for a modest portable projector. The concept is that this can chuck your phone screen on to the ceiling for bed-based enjoyment, or turn any lamp into a combined LED light and miniature projector. Read More >>

Inflatable Space Pod Spare Room Gets ISS Docking Approval

The bizarre Bigelow Expandable Activity Module will be docking with the International Space Station later this year, after the commercial space outfit won approval to test its cheap extension room for astronauts. Read More >>