Bear Grylls Endorses Worm Biscuit Range

Celebrity fire starter Bear Grylls has teamed up with high-piling retailer Tobar to launch a range of energy bars, bars which are certified gluten-free thanks to being made from worm flour. It'll be like having your own little I'm a Celebrity... episode each time you peel one open because all the nice biscuits have gone. Read More >>

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Bear Grylls Theme Park Clashes With HS2

Yes, there really is a theme park being built based around Bear Grylls, in which attendees get to pay probably loads of money to have extreme outdoors adventures in a safe, captive environment, with a cafe for afterwards and t-shirts and knives and fire-starting kits for sale in the shop. It's being built by Alton Towers owner Merlin, but that's not why we've gathered you here around these screens. Read More >>