Here Are Some Turkish Bears Caught on CCTV Taste-Testing Honey

A beekeeper in Turkey’s Black Sea-adjacent province of Trabzon, frustrated that local bears kept on stealing and consuming his precious honey, apparently set up a nighttime taste test for the purposes of determining which products the bears prefer, per numerous reports in Turkish media over the past week. Read More >>

Why More Hungry Polar Bears Could Start Devouring Dead Whales

Just over a year ago, more than 150 polar bears amassed on a remote island off the north coast Siberia to devour a dead bowhead whale that had washed ashore. It was the largest swarm of polar bears ever recorded feasting on a stranded whale—but events like this could become more common in a warmer world. Read More >>

Hundreds of Sheep Killed After Bear Chases Flock Off 650-Foot Cliff

A lone brown bear is being blamed for a horrifying incident in which 209 panicked sheep plunged off a cliff in the Pyrenees near the border between France and Spain. It’s not the first time this has happened, and local farmers are pissed that brown bears are being reintroduced to the pastoral, mountain region. Read More >>

Chinese Authorities Crack Down on Winnie the Pooh

There's trouble for Pooh in the 2.37 billion acre brownfield industrial wood that is China, as authorities have launched a fresh clampdown on sharing of images of the bear on social media. Read More >>

These Bears Eat as Much Junk Food as You Do

Bears, they’re just like us. And I’m not referring to a subset of hairy humans, but to some furry critters in Wisconsin whose diets contain a staggering amount of junk food. Seriously! Read More >>

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Here’s What It Looks Like to Get Attacked by a Bear

So you’re doing some hunting in Canada and all you have is a bow and arrow. And then, suddenly, a black bear appears in the distance and starts charging straight at your face. What do you do? You scream — scream and hope for the best. Read More >>

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Mountain Biker Narrowly Avoids Getting Mauled by a Bear

Sports are fun, right? You get to go outside, smell the dirt, use your muscles, hear the wind in the trees. It’s all fun and games until a goddamn bear shows up to eat you. Read More >>

Yosemite National Park to Offer Peep Show for Bear Fans

Do you like the thought of peeping on your own big, hairy bear wearing a black collar from the comfort of your own home? Well, Yosemite National Park may be making your dreams come true. Read More >>

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Can You Be Friends With a Bear?

Late last year, a photo of a bear officiating a wedding in Russia went viral. The picture turned out to be fake, but its popularity says something significant about our conception of the species: Despite thousands of years of contrary evidence, and at least one harrowing documentary, human beings still on some level want to view bears as big, cuddly, forest-dwelling dogs. Read More >>

The Most Insane Moments in Last Night’s Planet Earth 2 Episode 2, “Mountains”

Last week we couldn't resist sharing with you some of the most brutal moments from the first episode of Planet Earth 2, the BBC's astonishing new nature series. And it appears that the spectre of death resonated with our readers. so we wanted to do the same this week. Read More >>

Russian Scientists Stationed at Lonely Arctic Outpost Now Also Surrounded by Bears

While working at a remote weather station in the Russian Arctic might sound like a lot of fun, the reality is apparently far grimmer. In addition to the cold, the isolation and the possibility of falling off a cliff thanks to climate change, researchers have to deal with unruly locals, like the dozen or so polar bears currently “besieging” scientists on Troynoy Island in Russia’s Great Arctic State Nature Reserve. Read More >>

BearCam is Back!

Summer is here, and it’s time for some hot bear-on-fish action. Read More >>

Woman Stalked By Starving Wolf For 12 Hours Survives Harrowing Ordeal

Last Friday, Joanne Barnaby went mushroom picking in a forest near Fort Smith in the Canadian Northwest Territories. It was an inauspicious beginning to what would end up being a 12-hour ordeal, one involving a desperate wolf, swarms of mosquitoes, an unwitting bear cub—and a can of beer. Read More >>

Check Out the Goddamn Bear-Man In this Russian Superhero Movie

Man-Bear? Bear-Man? Either way, this Russian superhero movie looks rather intriguing. Read More >>

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Grizzly Bear Dips Toes in Water, Provides Reminder of Human Frailty

Even peering down from a road bridge in Alaska, where this picture was taken by Kevin Hague, is far closer to a grizzly bear than I ever want to get. What makes this particularly creepy? Those claws aren’t much larger than a harpy eagles’s talons. The world is full of things that can rip puny humans to shreds. [Kevin Hague Read More >>