Hot Newcomers “The Beatles” Tipped for Album Chart #1

The band that taught the world the wrong way to spell beetle is about to top the UK album charts once again, with The Beatles' last recorded hurrah Abbey Road set to dethrone Liam Gallagher and become the nation's most popular record to buy. Read More >>

Data Analysts Say Paul McCartney is Exaggerating His Role in One Beatles Song

Researchers using data and computers think they know better then the actual memory of a man who's still alive, and are telling Paul McCartney that he "misremembers" a key part of Beatles history. Read More >>

Paul McCartney’s Private Psychedelic Christmas Reel From 1965 Surfaces

A legendary piece of Beatles ephemera appears to have surfaced for the first time, with fans of the 1960s equivalent of Take That besides themselves with joy upon hearing Paul McCartney's first homemade attempts at cutting and tape looping. Read More >>

Queen Beats Abba to Top UK’s All Time Album Sales Chart

The tracker of UK record sales has released data covering the country's entire history of album numbers, revealing that Queen, Abba and the Beatles are unsurprisingly what most people buy and listen to all the time. Adele's the youngest upcomer, with her 21 earning the fourth place in the UK's all time album sales listings. Read More >>

An Original Beatles Mic is a Better Use of Your Black Friday Cash

You know that £600 you have stashed under the mattress to buy a pimpin' flatscreen in the sales? Grab it, raid the kid's piggy banks, and jump on a budget plane over to Dallas: some of the Beatles' microphones, complete with authentic Lennon & McCartney Spittle, are up for sale. Read More >>

The Abbey Road Crossing Might Get a Lollipop Lady to Keep Tourists Safe

Thanks to it being the home of one of the world's most famous album covers, the zebra crossing outside Abbey Road Studios see countless Beatles fans attempting to recreate the classic record sleeve shot. Westminster Council is now considering the idea of having a Lollipop lady/man at the crossing to keep pedestrians safe. Read More >>

Stick Yourself in the (Holographic) Beatles at London Music Museum’s 3D Exhibit

A new music-themed museum in London will bring the Tupac-reviving holographic technology to the masses, letting music fans play alongside 3D recreations of bands and singers -- then go home with a DVD of it all to baffle friends and relatives with. Read More >>

Recreating the Antique Poster That Inspired a Beatles Song

John Lennon wrote "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite" in 1967, but most of the fanciful lyrics were actually written in 1843. You see, Lennon didn't pull them out of a drug-induced hallucination—he pulled them off a 19th-century poster advertising the Pablo Fanque Circus. Read More >>

Sir Paul McCartney + Bungie = ???

No, I'm afraid it's not quite Sir Paul on a bungee cord jumping off some kind of high-up structure, but something else quite cool related to the other phonetically identical word -- mega-games studio Bungie. According to the past-Beatles members' Twitter, he's lending his talents to the creators of Halo, but what exactly is he working on? Read More >>

Robot Beatles Will Play Come Together Until the End of Time

Four HUBO robots have been taught how to drum about as good as Ringo ever managed, with accompanying synthesised speech letting them sing along to a Beatles classic in the modern 'auto-tune' style favoured by today's talentless musical youth. Read More >>

Software Reveals the Clanging First Chord of A Hard Day’s Night

Even if you're not a musician, there's something incredible about the iconic crash of the first chord on The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night. What is that chord anyway? The question has befuddled musicians until now. Read More >>