Beehive Thefts Explode in New Zealand Because the Bees Can’t Catch a Break

We’re all well aware of what a bad deal the bees have been getting in recent years. Simply put, the bees are dying globally at an alarming rate! Hell, the minute they get put on the endangered species list, bureaucracy steps in to say, “not so fast.” Now, on top of everything, hundreds of their hives are mysteriously being stolen in New Zealand. Read More >>

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Why Hexagons are the Best Building Blocks for Bees and Their Hives

Honeycomb is hexagonal. Not circular. Not square. Not triangular. Why did bees settle on that particular shape? It was no accident: like many of their compatriots in the animal kingdom, it turns out the insects are excellent mathematicians and stellar architects. The repeated pattern makes perfect sense when you take a closer look at the logistics of those alternatives. Read More >>