Carlsberg Decides it Loves the Planet, Switches Cans from Plastic Rings to Glue

Plastic rings from beer cans are notoriously bad for the planet. Animals get stuck in them, especially if they wind up in the sea, and we've known that for a very long time. There's even a Simpsons episode about it, back during the eighth season when it was still good. While it's been a long time coming, Carlsberg has announced it's ditching the plastic rings. Instead it will be keeping beer cans stuck together using recyclable glue. Read More >>

Potentially Poisonous Fake Booze is Flooding UK Off Licences

The late night walk of shame to the local off licence may come with more danger than getting mugged by the kids standing around outside it, with 20 per cent of offies in some locations found to be stocking fake booze. Read More >>

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Watch a Chainsaw Open a Beer in Glorious Slow Motion

First off, don't do this. Seriously. Don't. It's an old trick, and probably a great way to stab yourself in the eye with a flying bottle cap. But it sure looks pretty in slow motion, as the goofballs at Slow Mo Lab are here to show us. Read More >>

Take a Sip of a 3,300-Year-Old Danish Beer

Wanna get some real beer snob cred? With Egtved Girl's Brew, you can sneer at your friends' beers and their "founded in the 1800s" claims to authenticity. Because this beer's recipe is 3,300 years old. Now that's a legit brew. Read More >>

The Most Awesomest Ways to Open a Beer

One of the most depressing things in the world: having a beer without a bottle opener. The carbonated deliciousness is looking at you through the glass, teasing you, popping your tastebuds. But of course, you don't need a bottle opener to open a beer. With the right amount of leverage, anything can open a bottle of beer. Just watch this video. Read More >>

Scottish Brewery Creates World’s Strongest Beer (That Causes One Massive Hangover)

So, they say the world is going to end this year, and it looks like a Scottish brewery has got just the right stuff to celebrate the catastrophic event, with a rather potent 65 per cent beer aptly named Armageddon, which just so happens to (apparently) be the world's strongest. Read More >>

This Insulated Blanket Keeps Your Beer Cozy and Cold

Your typical white Eskimo cooler is a cheap way to keep drinks cold and food warm or cold, but it's not very flexible. And its boxy shape is downright awkward when compared to the Wunder Bundler — an insulated blanket that can wrap up anything from a six-pack of beer to a stack of Chinese takeout containers. Read More >>

Scientists Bored of Modern Lagers, Cloning 170-Year-Old Shipwreck’s Beer Stash

Finnish researchers are living up to their hard-drinking national image by working out how to revive a 170-year-old type of beer not yet tasted by modern man. Read More >>