Some Bees Hate Being Around Other Stupid Bees

Scientists looking at bees for something to do have found a subset of the group that appear to hate interacting with other bees, suggesting that these unusually antisocial bees have a similar genetic profile to people who suffer from disorders on the autism spectrum. Read More >>

London Traffic Was Brought to a Standstill by a Swarm of Bees

Think about your worst rush hour experience. Traffic was probably at a stand still, and you probably needed to get home to use the toilet or something. Now imagine that same experience with a couple of changes: you're in Greenwich, and the biggest swarm of bees you've ever seen is hanging outside your car. Read More >>

You Will Feel Unclean Watching This Video of Bee Sex

For those who came here expecting the uncut version of Bee Movie, you’re in the wrong place. This is a blog about some very unnerving bee-on-bee action—not some culmination of sexual tension between Renee Zellweger and Jerry Seinfeld’s characters in the 2007 cult movie. Apparently, long-horned bees copulating is pretty unsettling and uh, there’s video to prove it. I’m sorry. Read More >>

Have You Seen 24,000 Bees?

A posh country estate in South Yorkshire has been the victim of a crime, and it's a particularly unusual case. It involves the theft of 24,000 bees from the gardens of Hooton Pagnell Hall. Read More >>

Someone Asked UKIP If Their Face-Covering Ban Includes Beekeepers

When UKIP declared that "face-coverings" would be banned in public in Britain under their rule, they probably weren't thinking about beekeepers. But a heroic heckler at a UKIP election event at the Marriott County Hall in Lambeth insisted the party consider the full ramifications on their snap declaration, and its potential impact on people who keep bees. Read More >>

Yet Another Reason Honey Bees Are Screwed: Your Damn Almonds

It’s no secret that bees have been having a really rough time: Just yesterday, the rusty-patched bumble became the first bee in the continental United States officially listed under the Endangered Species Act. But that’s the tip of the iceberg for our buzzy little friends, who unlike their asshole cousins—wasps—only want to pollinate plants with their fuzzy little bodies. Sadly, the best bees, honey bees (Apis mellifera L.), are dealing with yet another threat to their existence, while wasps just sit back and watch the world burn. Read More >>

Human Activity May Cause the Bees to Just Give Up 

The bees are one of our most important ecological allies, thanks to their role ensuring our food plants reproduce. But it’s starting to seem like our favourite fuzzy buzzers are getting sick of our shit. Read More >>

After Population Plunge, Once Common Bumble Bee Officially Listed as Endangered

The noble and rare rusty-patched bumble bee is officially endangered. A once common bee that inhabited 28 US states, the rusty-patched bumble has become the first bee from the continental United States to be added to the endangered species list. Read More >>

Queen Bees Lay Fewer Eggs When Exposed to Popular Insecticide

New research from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln shows that a widely-used class of nicotine-based insecticides is causing queen bees to lay substantially fewer eggs than normal. This particular class of insecticides—the most popular in the world—has also been linked to colony collapse disorder, a mysterious phenomenon in which the majority of worker bees suddenly abandon the hive, leaving immature bees and the queen behind. Read More >>

F-22 Raptor Gets Owned By a Bunch of Honey Bees

The F-22 Raptor is one of the military’s most powerful weapons, but everything—man, woman, sentient rotted orange—has a weakness. For the fighter jet, that weakness is BEEEEEEEEEES! Read More >>

Bees Dying Globally At An Alarming Rate Thanks, In Part, to Pesticides

At the beginning of Bee Movie, Jerry Seinfeld explains in a voiceover, “According to all known laws of aviation,” bees should not be able to fly. But the bee flies anyway “because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible.” Read More >>

Swarm of Bees Attempts to Consume Pickup Truck

When bees swarm, a natural process when looking for a place to set up a new colony, they have the tendency to pick some strange locations as a temporary home. Case in point, this truck just chilling near a hotel in downtown Winnipeg. Read More >>

Harvard’s Robotic Bee Is Scarily Lifelike (With a Few Important Exceptions)

Researchers at Harvard and MIT have spent the last seven years perfecting this robotic bee. The result is Robobee, a mechanical bee so lifelike it kind of makes you want to duck indoors. Read More >>

Flower-Zapping Diesel Car Fumes are Making it Even Tougher to be a Bee

Bees may be our favourite insect, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to lift a finger to help the poor buggers out. The winged beauties are having a really rough ride right now, thanks in part to Wi-Fi signals and pesticides, but it turns out that cars -- specifically diesel-glugging ones -- aren’t helping their cause either. Read More >>