Bumblebees Have Something New to Worry About

We know that the bees aren’t doing too well due to pesticides and even whack-ass bee houses! A new study, however, shed light on a whole new threat to bees: extreme weather. Turns out bumblebees are (unsurprisingly) another casualty of climate change, and that can be devastating to the ecosystems that rely on these little pollinators for reproduction. Read More >>

10,000 Bees Slaughtered in Random Attack

Two extremely cool young men wearing the modern type of coat decided to take their frustrations with the world out on a beehive, with CCTV capturing them lifting the lids off the hives, kicking them, and seemingly targeting individual bees for attack with sticks. Read More >>

McDonald’s Makes Another Attempt at Befriending Bees

The Swedish branch of McDonald's is having another go at rebranding itself as the saviour of the bees, and has expanded its range of insect havens to include a run of billboard adverts with integrated bee accommodation. Read More >>

McDonald’s Builds Mini McDonald’s for Bees

Hey you. Stop being sad and angry about the composition of straws. McDonald's is a fun and caring youth brand, don't you know, so much so that it's capable of spending money on wacky stunts like building a micro-scale McDonald's building entirely for the use of bees, seeing as the bins outside its restaurants are already so supportive of local wasp communities. Read More >>

You Can Help the Bees With Your Wanking, All Thanks to Pornhub

Bees are important. Well most insects are, even if we don't like it when they get into our houses or disturb our picnics. But bees are generally pretty cool gals, and even have their own movie. They're also important for pollinating plants, which keeps the whole planet alive. A lot of work has been done to try and save the bees, but Pornhub has decided it's not enough. It's kickstarting it's own bee-utiful scheme, which ordinary people can help out with alongside their usual wanking habits. Read More >>

The World’s Biggest Bee Just Buzzed Into My Heart

I don’t remember when or where I was first stung by a bee. What I remember is the pain. Read More >>

French Ban on Neonicotinoid Pesticides, Which Bees May Find Addictive, Goes Into Effect

A French ban on five neonicotinoid pesticides intended to protect the nation’s bees from colony collapse disorder went into effect on Saturday, Agence France-Press reported. Read More >>

Electronic Tags Used to Save Britain’s Bees From Hornet Attack

Scientists looking at ways to stop the gradual encroachment of the vicious Asian hornet into our fields and picnic areas have been using electronic tags, with the insects able to carry units equal to their body weight and lead exterminators right to their nests. Read More >>

Buzz Buzz, NASA Funds Project to Put Bee Robots on Mars

I can’t beelieve it! Maybe one day there will be bee-like robots buzzing around the surface of Mars. Read More >>

Flowers Express ‘Invisible’ Heat Patterns to Attract Bees

Over the course of evolution, flowers and pollinating insects have developed an intimate, mutually beneficial relationship. To get the attention of pollinators, flowers have developed an assortment of cues, such as colourful petals and aromatic smells. But as a new study points out, many plants also express complex floral heat patterns, which bees are able to detect. Read More >>

Bees Show us by Producing Less Honey

Reports from beekeepers across the country show that honey yields have collapsed over the last year, as the nation's bees have been on a sort of strike of late. Although they probably don't realise they've been doing it. Read More >>

Some Bees Hate Being Around Other Stupid Bees

Scientists looking at bees for something to do have found a subset of the group that appear to hate interacting with other bees, suggesting that these unusually antisocial bees have a similar genetic profile to people who suffer from disorders on the autism spectrum. Read More >>

London Traffic Was Brought to a Standstill by a Swarm of Bees

Think about your worst rush hour experience. Traffic was probably at a stand still, and you probably needed to get home to use the toilet or something. Now imagine that same experience with a couple of changes: you're in Greenwich, and the biggest swarm of bees you've ever seen is hanging outside your car. Read More >>

You Will Feel Unclean Watching This Video of Bee Sex

For those who came here expecting the uncut version of Bee Movie, you’re in the wrong place. This is a blog about some very unnerving bee-on-bee action—not some culmination of sexual tension between Renee Zellweger and Jerry Seinfeld’s characters in the 2007 cult movie. Apparently, long-horned bees copulating is pretty unsettling and uh, there’s video to prove it. I’m sorry. Read More >>