Why We Don’t Crash Our Cars While Daydreaming and Driving

Many of us have experienced prolonged stretches of driving where we’re seemingly oblivious to our surroundings, and we’re left dumbfounded that we didn’t get into a serious accident. A new study suggests that a specific brain function protects us from these bouts of absent-minded driving—but that it completely breaks down while texting. Read More >>

We’re Totally Wrong About Why Babies Make Funny Faces

Newborn infants are supposed to be capable of imitating our facial expressions, like sticking out our tongues and opening our mouths. A new study in Current Biology suggests there’s no actual imitating going on—and that it’s all in our heads. Read More >>

Sand Octopus Turns its Body into a Squirt Gun to Burrow

In another episode of “Cephalopods are Basically the Most Amazing Creatures on Earth,” today we get an inside look at the burrowing habits of the southern sand octopus, the pressurised hose of the animal kingdom. Read More >>

Sperm Whale Clans Speak Different Dialects

We humans pride ourselves on our cultural diversity, but we’re not the only creatures that form unique societies. Turns out, two clans of sperm whales living near the Galápagos Islands speak different dialects — offering yet more evidence that animals have culture, too. Read More >>

Future-Predicting Phones Will Speed Up App Launches

Even with a fancy A5 processor or who-knows-how-many-core Snapdragon chip, smartphones sometimes can't quite keep up and apps take far longer to load than we'd really like. A team of engineers, however, is building software that predicts the future in order to speed things up. Read More >>

Just Thinking Women Are Nearby Makes Men Dumber

If you often find yourself stuck for words in the presence of women, don't beat yourself up; we've all been there. But it turns out it's not you, it's science! Merely thinking about the presence of women makes men stupid. Read More >>

Men Think Women Wearing Red Are More Interested in Sex

Red has always had a reputation for being raunchy. But why is it that men seem to be more attracted to women wearing red than any other colour? Read More >>

Italians Hold Their Booze Better Than Swedes

It's science! And it's not just Swedes who Italians can drink under the table. It's also Latvians, Lithuanians, and Estonians. Read More >>