Eerie Time-Lapse Shows Beijing Engulfed by a Relentless Wall of Smog

A new time-lapse taken over the course of just 20 minutes shows the mind-boggling extent of Beijing’s ongoing pollution problem. Read More >>

Beijing Blames Uber for its Obscene Traffic Problem

Beijing faces overcrowded roads and pollution that are constantly getting worse. Why? According to city officials, it’s because of ride-sharing services, including Uber. Read More >>

Canada is Doing Quick Business Selling Bottled Air to China’s Polluted Cities

Millions of Chinese citizens have been blanketed in thick smog recently but where some people see only a dense haze, entrepreneurial Canadian businessmen see profit. Read More >>

What Life Is Like in Beijing During China’s Worst Pollution Crisis Ever

The “airpocalypse” of smog swirling over Chinese cities has reached its most dangerous levels yet. Beijing issued its first-ever red alert today, closing schools and taking cars off the road. How bad is it? According to EPA guidelines levels are at 6: “Everyone should avoid all outdoor exertion.” Read More >>

China’s Airpocalypse is So Bad, it’s Banning Half the Cars in Beijing

Beijing issued its first-ever red alert on Monday. The radical measure means that half the cars in the capital must stay off the streets, outdoor construction must stop, and schools must close. The pollution is simply too dangerous. Read More >>

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In Pictures: China is Enveloped in Thick and Dangerous Smog

Beijing is currently choking on a thick smog, with air pollution in the city over 20 times the safe levels defined by the World Health Organisation. This is what it looks like. Read More >>

China Cleaned Up Beijing’s Smog For Its Military Parade, But Of Course It Didn’t Last

It’s no coincidence that the China’s capital city had clear, sunny skies for the country’s huge military parade last week, or that Beijing’s dense smog returned the very next day. The Chinese government took extreme measures to guarantee clear skies for the its display, but it took less than 24 hours for air pollution to ramp up again afterwards. Read More >>

Here’s the 2022 Winter Olympics Venue, in the Middle of Winter

Yesterday, Beijing was awarded the 2022 Winter Olympics. Here is a photo of the mountain that will host the skiing courses, taken in the middle of January this year. You may notice a slight lack of white stuff. Read More >>

Chinese Police Shut Down Huge Counterfeit iPhone Factory

A police raid in Beijing has shut down a large counterfeit iPhone factory that had produced over 41,000 handsets, reported to be worth £12 million. Read More >>

China is Turning Beijing Into a Megacity Twice the Size of Iceland

China is already home to some of the most quickly growing megacities in the world. Now there’s a plan to officially merge several megacities around Beijing into one super-megacity that will house over 100 million people in an area that’s twice the size of Iceland. Read More >>

Four Ideas to Fix Beijing’s Smog Airpocalypse, and One That Will Work 

The worst smog of the year—so far—swept into Beijing this week, coating the city in a grainy, deep grey murk as its first snow fell almost unnoticed. China is trying, hard, to get its air quality problem under control, and is considering some seriously wacky ways to do it. Unfortunately, the only one that will work is also the most difficult. Read More >>

The Worst Air Pollution in the World is NOT in Beijing

There have been lots of stories on Gizmodo lately about the poor quality of China's air. But, as the New York Times reports, Beijing's air pollution isn't even that bad... relatively speaking. "Lately, a very bad air day in Beijing is about an average one in New Delhi," says the Times in an article about the Indian city's smog. Read More >>

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There’s So Much Smog in Beijing You Have to Watch the Sunrise on Video

In Tiananmen Square in Beijing, there's a lot of smog. So much smog, in fact, that a huge LED screen is sometimes used to display a beautiful sunrise—which is useful, because you can't see it otherwise. Read More >>

This Amazing Chinese Mansion Is Abandoned Because It’s (Supposedly) Haunted

This expansive stone mansion—known Chaonei No. 81—is an architectural anomaly in Beijing. Once a church, then a home, today the building stands out for its ornate Baroque style, yet it lies in decay. Why? Because it's probably haunted, and no one wants to go near it. Read More >>