Google Faces Lawsuit in Belgium for Not Blurring Military Sites and Nuclear Power Plants on Maps

Belgium plans to sue Google over the tech giant’s refusal to blur sensitive military sites and nuclear power plants on the company’s various mapping platforms. Military leaders in Belgium have not yet filed a formal complaint but confirmed to Reuters that they intend to sue. Read More >>

Belgian ‘Deacon of Death’ May Have Killed at Least 50 People via Air Injection

A trial that began this week in Belgium is putting a spotlight a shocking series of alleged murders by a Catholic deacon. Read More >>

Belgium is Giving its Population Iodine Tablets in Case of Nuclear Disaster

Maybe the Belgians known something we don’t. The country has just decided to give everyone iodine pills for the event of nuclear catastrophe. Read More >>

Temporary Texting Lanes Introduced to End Pedestrian Clash in Belgium

The Belgian city of Antwerp has taken a lead in the battle against low-speed pedestrian impacts by launching what it calls a "walking text lane" -- a special walkway for those who can't even stop looking at their telephones when off out to get some crisps. Read More >>

A Belgian Brewery Will Tap its Own Underground Beer Pipeline

The famed De Halve Maan brewery in Bruges, Belgium has been cranking out tasty drafts for more than five centuries—all from the same historic building. But with its fleet of beer trucks now snarling up traffic getting to a new processing plant two miles away, the brewery is taking the only logical course of action: it's installing an underground beer pipe. Read More >>

These Abandoned, Half-Demolished Towers Look Too Pretty to Destroy

This colourful scene isn't a view of a new luxury loft. It's Rabot Towers, an abandoned public housing project in Ghent, Belgium. When the first stage of demolition removed the building's exterior walls, the former blight became an unexpected beauty, captured here by photographer Pieter Lozie. Read More >>

A Former 1900s Coal Mine Reborn as a Modernist’s Playground

Post-industrial cities have long struggled to find new uses for the (often gargantuan) factory infrastructure that once made their towns boom. Usually, that means a park or a museum. But a few cities—like Genk, Belgium—have tried a more experimental approach, turning these decrepit sites into unusual creative spaces. Read More >>

Woman Drives for 900 Miles Instead of 90 thanks to GPS Error

I've read plenty of crazy GPS stories, but this has to be the craziest of them all: a 67-year-old woman drove for 900 miles over the course of two days because of a GPS error combined with her complete lack of attention. Her actual destination was only 90 miles away. Read More >>

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In Case You Missed It, This Is What a Massive F1 Flying-Car Pile-Up Looks Like

You were watching the Belgian grand prix at the weekend, right? No? Well, slap your eyes on this. A twitch too far at the start from Romain Grosjean sent Hamilton into the back of him, sending the Lotus flying right over the top of Alonso's Ferrari. Boy, that was so close to his head. Read More >>

You Will Never Sleep Through This Hotel’s Gigantic Alarm Clock

At first glance it looks like some hotel in Belgium has sacrificed floor space for a massive four-sided novelty alarm clock to attract tourists. But in reality, what you're seeing is actually the top of a clock tower with a hotel built around it. Read More >>

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What Happens When You Push the Button?

Serious drama, that’s what. In the best stunt I’ve ever seen for, well, just about anything, a Belgian TV channel staged this awesome prank, which literally left bystanders agape in astonishment. Push to add drama indeed. Read More >>

Ghent Light Festival Creates a Technicolor Dream Cathedral

Clark Griswold? Amateur. This is how you put on a light show—the 2012 Light Festival at Ghent, Belgium. And this 28 meter tall cathedral, the Luminarie Cagna, was its centrepiece. Read More >>