Three DC Movies Are Coming Summer 2021, Including The Batman Without Ben Affleck

The next Batman movie has its release date: June 25, 2021. And the franchise is saying goodbye to Ben Affleck. Read More >>

Last Year’s Most Popular Digital Rental in the US is a Surprising Film

In a change-up that acknowledges the reality of the business it’s in, the MPAA has included a breakdown of the home entertainment market in its latest annual box office report. Topping both the DVD/Blu-ray and digital rentals charts for 2017 in the US is Ben Affleck’s weird-ass action hero/math savant flick The Accountant. Read More >>

Ben Affleck Has Some Deep Thoughts About Batman

The Dark Knight is one of the most iconic comic book characters of all time—and over decades of stories written about him, much has been said about what makes the character tick and what drives him. But truly, no insight about Batman can compare to Ben Affleck’s latest thoughts. Read More >>

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New Dawn of Justice Teaser Shows Batman Chained up in Superman’s Sex Dungeon

A new teaser for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice landed last night, and it’s pretty thrilling stuff, considering nobody actually speaks. Instead, a chained-up Batman -- who appears to be wearing a coat over his costume -- stammers, Superman looks incredibly mardy and tense music booms out. Read More >>

Batfleck to be a Drone-Commanding Caped Crusader in Batman vs. Superman, But How Will He Pee?

First off, lets give Ben Affleck's Batman a break -- the guy's a solid actor. Sure he's made mistakes (we've all had a metaphoric Gigli at some point in our lives, right?), but his take on the Caped Crusader is sounding the most complex and interesting yet. Read More >>

Ben Affleck is the New Batman. Say What?

I'm afraid this isn't a joke. It seems the supposedly-wise bosses of Warner Bros have given Ben Affleck, him of Daredriveldevil fame, the nod. Apparently he's going to facing off as Batman against Superman in the Man of Steel 2. Ugh. Read More >>