See How to Build an Apple-1 Replica From Scratch

Few of us have the $905,000 (£570,000) needed to purchase one of the remaining original Apple-1 computers that Steve Wozniak built in Steve Jobs's garage, but modder-extraordinaire Ben Heck has the next best thing: a new three-part series of tutorial videos showing you how to build a fully-functional Apple-1 replica from scratch. Read More >>

The Ultimate Combo Console — PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U in One Box

Long-time hardware modder Ben Heck is finally yielding to public demand, creating a hybrid ultra-mega home console containing a PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U in the same box. And he's filming himself doing it. Read More >>

How to Give a Keyboard FPS-Friendly Joystick Precision

Die-hard first person shooter fans might swear by the accuracy and precision of their PC keyboards. But those digital keys don't provide as much finesse as the analogue joysticks on console controllers. So Ben Heck levels the playing field with this analog keyboard hack. Read More >>

The Ultimate in Travel Luggage is an Autonomous Robot Suitcase

You love travelling, but lugging that beast-of-a-suitcase behind you as you attempt to saunter through the airport is really cramping your style. Fear not; Master hacker and Element14 member, Ben Heck, has the solution – an autonomous robot suitcase that’ll simply follow you wherever you go. Read More >>