Foldable Moto Razr Gets Delayed Less Than A Week Before Pre-Orders Go Live

The new foldable Razr seems like the perfect reboot, capturing the style and spirit of Motorola’s iconic mid-2000s phone, but with clever upgrades based on more modern tech. Unfortunately, less than a week before pre-orders were scheduled to go live, Moto has just announced that the Razr’s launch is being delayed. Read More >>

In Its Race to Be First, Samsung Screwed Itself

The Samsung Galaxy Fold may be an incredible step forward in phone engineering, but it is unfinished. That became clear when, earlier this week, Samsung announced it was delaying the release of the phone. What was available to reviewers, analysts, influencers, and select partners was essentially a beta device — with those same people serving as beta testers. It never should have seen the light of day. Read More >>

Sharp’s Vertical Folding Smartphone Concept Looks Like My Dream Game Boy

In the brave new world of folding touchscreen devices, companies are throwing every random design at the wall, hoping one of them will be the device that consumer’s embrace. Sharp, who started producing flexible OLED screens back in June of 2018, recently showed off a prototype of a smartphone that folds vertically, like the clamshell cellphones of yesterday, or the modern Game Boy I hope Nintendo actually makes. Read More >>

The Race to Foldable Phone Perfection Is On, and It’s Going to Be a Blast

Less than two weeks ago, the idea of a high-quality bendable phone seemed like a farce. After all, the first foldable handset—the Royole FlexPai—was ambitious, but also a piece of junk. It was clunky, hard to open, and looked like something that needed months, if not years, of refinement. Read More >>