Folding OLED Display Could Resurrect the Flip Phone

Japan's Semiconductor Energy Laboratory has demonstrated the above innovation in screen technology, showing off a foldable OLED display that could create the newspapers our Bladerunner future selves will be leaving on the maglev District Line in the year 2034 or an enormous fold-out screen for a mobile. Read More >>

Hands On: I Just Fell In Love With LG’s Flexible 4K OLED TVs

The other night we saw a bunch of Samsung's curved 4K TVs, including a gigantic one that could flex between flat and curved. They looked pretty good. LG's curved 4K OLED TVs absolutely blow them out of the water. Read More >>

Samsung: Our Devices Will Have Folding Displays By 2015

The future is slowly arriving, with the advent of phones with radically curved screens—but Samsung isn't yet content. In fact, the company insists that the displays of its devices will be foldable by 2015. Read More >>

Apple Patents Bendy, Self-Powering, Bracelet Sci-Fi Smart Watch

If we saw this piece of futurist fantasy on Kickstarter we'd laugh at the absurdity of its claims, but this isn't the dream of a random madman. It's Apple's latest patent, which describes a twisty, bendy smart watch that connects to a larger device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Read More >>

This Flexible E-Ink Display Will Be In Real Devices This Summer

The future of digital reading is flexible. And by flexible, I mean bendable, not multipurpose. Now, LG has announced the first malleable, plastic e-ink display, and while it's hardly Retina, it will be appearing in devices as early as this summer. Read More >>