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MWC 2019: With its Flexy Phone Concepts, Alcatel is Playing the Long Game

In just the last week, we’ve seen two incredibly impressive bendy phones in the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X. But they won’t be the last, as evidenced by TCL’s – or Alcatel as the company is known in the UK – own bendy phone concepts shown off at MWC. Read More >>

Death to the Phablet! Samsung Has a Folding Phone-to-Tablet Prototype

Samsung's Galaxy Round dulled our expectations for the promise of flexible displays. It was basically a Galaxy Note 3 with a curve that rendered text unreadable, according to those who got to play with it. But don't write off Samsung's flexi-phones yet -- a pair of new prototypes sound like truly next-generation devices. Read More >>

LG G Flex Curved Smartphone Is Official and Can Heal Itself…

Samsung's Galaxy Round curved phone was strange enough, but at least its contours made for a phone that would hug your leg more comfortably in a tight trouser pocket. LG's newly officially confirmed LG G Flex however leaves me scratching my head. Read More >>

Curvy Galaxy Round Phone is Just a Prototype, But Samsung Will Sell It Anyway

We now live in a world in which you can buy a smartphone with a curved glass screen, with Samsung's Galaxy Round hitting South Korean stores. But, in the eyes of its creators, it's just a prototype. Still, whack it on the shelves, eh? Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Round to Beat LG Z / G Flex to First Bendy Phone Title?

For anyone that's ever sneezed and seen their delicate smartphone screen shatter into a million snotty pieces, the prospect of a durable bendy phone must sound like an insurance-free dream. With both Samsung and LG now said to be racing to make their rival flexi-phones the first to market, that dream could soon be a reality. Read More >>

LG Z Curved Smartphone Could Be Hugging Thunder Thighs From October

Smartphones get bigger, trouser pockets do not. Unless we want to have to constantly explain that, no it really is just a phablet in our front pocket, phones are either going to have to get smaller again (which isn't going to happen anytime soon) or they're going to need a drastic redesign. Which makes the prospect of LG's newly-announced Z curved smartphone so appealing. Read More >>