Benedict Cumberbatch Could Have Been True Blood’s Vampire Bill

The year was 2008. Barack Obama was in the last leg of his ultimately successful bid for the U.S. presidency and the wildest thing on television aside from election coverage was a quirky little show on HBO called True Blood. The campy vampire soap opera quickly gained a reputation for the way its entire cast chewed up scenery, spit it out, and made audiences beg to scoop it up off the ground. Read More >>

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Benedict Cumberbatch Got Up to Some Real-Life Heroics in London

Doctor Strange normally isn’t the kind of hero who spends his time taking on lowly muggers on the city streets. But apparently Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the magician, is. Read More >>

The Infinity War Cast Drew Their Own Characters for Charity, and They’re Adorably Terrible

Last week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the cast of Avengers: Infinity War was tasked with drawing their own characters. Although art is subjective, the results are almost universally terrible. But that’s ok, because there’s an undeniable heart to them all. The best part is, though, over on CharityBuzz, all the drawings are up for auction, with proceeds going to the Starlight Children’s Foundation. So you can actually own them if one catches your eye. Here are all the drawings. Read More >>

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Benedict Cumberbatch Shared His Star Trek Secrets With Stephen Hawking

When Benedict Cumberbatch appeared as the antagonist of Star Trek Into Darkness, the identity of the character he was playing was kept very secret, to the point that JJ Abrams straight-up lied about it. But apparently Cumberbatch spilled the beans to one special person. Read More >>

Benedict Cumberbatch Presents the Apple Toilet on SNL

Apple haters rejoice! SNL and Dr. Strange himself took Apple’s history of over-the-top marketing of (occasionally underwhelming) iterative design to task and yeah, it was actually funny. Read More >>

This Papier Mâché Smaug Would Bring a Tear to Tolkien’s Eye

Benedict Cumberbatch might have moved on to bigger and more problematic things, but papier mâché artist Dan Reeder has been fielding requests for the greediest of dragons since the first Hobbit movie. Now, he’s finally delivering. Read More >>

Doctor Strange Entrances Fans in Surprise Comic Book Store Appearance

Benedict Cumberbatch gave a whole new meaning to interactive comic books on Sunday, as he took time out from filming the new Marvel movie Doctor Strange to surprise fans at a Manhattan comic book store. Cumberbatch, dressed in all of his glorious superhero garb, was spotted at JHU Comics, where he greeted fans and posed for photos. Read More >>

This Life-Size Benedict Cumberbatch Was Made With 500 Bars of Chocolate

Telly channel Drama made a life-size chocolate model of Benedict Cumberbatch to celebrate its launch on UKTV's on demand service. Chocolate Cumberbatch weighs 40 kilos and was made using 500 bars of Belgian chocolate. The likeness is truly impressive. Read More >>

Here’s the First, Full-Length Trailer for Alan Turing’s Biopic

Alan Turing, the venerated WWII cracker of the Nazi Enigma and creator of the modern AI standard (whether it works is another story), is getting the biopic treatment, and here's our first, full-length look at Benedict Cumberbatch as the man himself in The Imitation Game. Read More >>

A Sherlock Blu-ray Boxset is Your “Watson – Grab Me My Dearstalker, Fiddle and Bag of Skag” Deal of the Day

You have to wonder, when the Cumberbatch's had their little boy, if they mused on how to  make him sound like the poshest man in the universe. So they settled on calling him Benedict, and lo, a thesp was born and everyone fell in love, because people (especially Americans) can't resist a posh British actor. Read More >>

Assange Says Wikileaks Film is “Overwhelmingly Negative” and Based on a “Deceitful Book”

Even if he could, it's unlikely Julian Assange would want to watch Wikileaks dramatisation The Fifth Estate at the cinema this weekend, with an open letter from the Wikileaks man suggesting the film's a "toxic" creation that portrays everyone involved in a bad light. Read More >>

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Simon Pegg Mocks Trek Actors With “Neutron Cream” Gag

Due to the possible health implications of dealing with the "lasers" used on the film set of the new Star Trek film, our boy Simon Pegg decided to invent a product called Neutron Cream and convinced the crew, including posho Benedict Cumberbatch, to cream up. Read More >>

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The Fifth Estate Trailer: Benedict Cumberbatch Is Just Julian Assange, Isn’t He?

DreamWorks has been working on its WikiLeaks film, The Fifth Estate, for a while now — and this trailer reveals that Benedict Cumberbatch plays a hugely convincing Julian Assange. Read More >>

Star Trek Into Darkness Red shirts
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Something Tells Me All These Red Shirts Are Going to Die

Some more Star Trek: Into Darkness images have popped up, with one showing Benedict Cumberbatch surrounded by expendable red shirts. Don't they know nameless red shirts never make it? I mean, it's always crewman number 5 who bites it first. Read More >>

Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange Wikileaks movie The Fifth Estate
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Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange Is Just Plain Creepy

What you're looking at here is the first official still released from the Wikileaks movie, The Fifth Estate, with Sherlock himself portraying the embassy camper. There's quite the resemblance to a younger Assange here. He certainly looks creepy enough. Read More >>