Fraudsters Fish for Benefit Hack Victims on Social Media

Scammers have found a way to steal future income from those eligible for the new Universal Credit benefit, and are advertising their thievery as a form of "grant" people are eligible for on social media. Read More >>

Weed Microdosing Mice Study Brings Great News, But There’s a Catch

Microdosing weed has become a minor trend with humans lately, but the science on its actual benefits is fairly shaky. Now, in a newly published study by a group of scientists in Germany, evidence shows that older mice may experience a reversal of brain aging and a restoration of the ability to learn. Read More >>

Lie Detector Test for Benefits Cheats Costing Millions (Even Though it Doesn’t Work)

Local councils are spending millions of pounds on "voice risk analysis" (VRA) software in the hope of finding benefits cheats, despite the Department for Work and Pensions having already dropped the systems, and researchers calling the controversial lie detectors "closer to astrology than science". Read More >>

Labour is Planning a Benefit-Claimant Kicking Too, With Maths & English Tests for All

If the Labour party was to win the next general election it would introduce a "basic skills test" for unemployed benefits claimants, with the power to stop payments being made to those who fail a maths and English test and refuse training to rectify their numeracy and literacy problems. Read More >>

New UK Immigrants to Lose Benefits if They Fail Tougher English Language Test

The government is aiming to appease the growing anti-immigration crowd with a new crackdown on the perceived wave of "benefit tourists," with Jobcentre staff to be tasked with checking the English skills of new claimants and denying benefits to those who fail. Read More >>