Bentley SUV Goes Semi-Electric and Has a Philippe Starck Charger

Bentley wants in on the electric car scene of today, hence the creation of the Bentayga hybrid -- a plug-in version of its new SUV for the super posh. Read More >>

Bentley’s EXP12 Speed 6e Has Two Chairs and an Electric Motor

Bentley has a new car to show us, if concepts count as cars -- the EXP12 Speed 6e. The 'e' meaning electric, the '6' meaning it has six... wheels. Read More >>

A Holographic Butler is the Centrepiece of Bentley’s Concept Self-Driving Car

One of the key design figures within luxury car brand Bentley has spoken of the sort of ideas he'd like to see in the self-driving car of the future, enhancements that include a personalised holographic butler akin to Siri to issue useful directions to the nearest motorway service station with adequate toilet facilities. Read More >>

This is Why You Don’t Let Kids Design Cars

Ignoring the wishes of worn-out parents up and down the country, Bentley's decided to survey 1,000 kids aged between 6 and 12, to find out what their dream car would be like. As you can imagine, the car maker got some pretty ludicrous feedback. Read More >>

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This Is How a Real Luxury Car Is Made

German luxury cars are for dentists. True one-percenters will settle for no fewer than ten layers of hand-laid, laser-cut, hardwood veneer when buying a car. Cool Hunting takes us on a video tour of the Bentley factory that makes it happen. Read More >>

This Car Packs More Tech Than Your Home Office

Most of us often sit in the back of our chauffeur-driven car crying out for it to be more like our office, right? Well, Bentley have made that dream a reality: its new Mulsanne has more gadgets than my house. Read More >>