year in review 2017
Silicon Valley’s Worst Apologies of 2017 

Silicon Valley had somewhat of a reckoning this year. The tech overlords finally had to face the music: their products and services aren’t as wholesome and life-changing as they preached them to be. Turns out, a bunch of white men didn’t anticipate issues that might impact their non-white-male users. Like sexual harassment. And biased machines. And Nazis. God, so many Nazis. Read More >>

The FBI Is Allegedly Recruiting Laptop Repair Technicians to Find Child Sexual Abuse Images

We know that the FBI has had a hard time finding tech talent and the current US administration has so far shown little interest in hiring technology experts, but we didn’t expect this. New US federal court documents show that the FBI has been actively coordinating with members of Best Buy’s “Geek Squad” to hunt for child sexual abuse images on customers’ computers. Read More >>

virtual reality
Oculus’s No Good Year Continues With Hundreds of Demo Stations Shutting Down

It’s been a rocky start for virtual reality manufacturers in general. But Oculus—the company that made people believe in VR again—may be having the hardest time of all. It’s been a year of sluggish sales, PR nightmares and one big time defeat in court. Now, US retailer Best Buy is pulling hundreds of demo stations from its sales floors. Read More >>

Best Buy UK’s Closing Down Sale Starts Today

Best Buy's finally clocked onto the perfect way to get punters to visit their out-of-the-way stores: hold a closing-down sale! Though given the sale a.) is also online, and b.) only 10 - 30 per cent off, Amazon might still get more of your monies anyway. Read More >>

iTunes Money For Nothing (But Your Chicks Still Cost) Is Your Deal of the Day

For many of us, it’s hard to get through life without handing over small lumps of our hard-earned dosh to the gimlet-eyed cash-gatherers at the Apple iTunes store on a regular basis. Read More >>

Will You Miss Best Buy UK?

Gizmodo UK readers, you are this country's savviest tech-purchasers. But how many of you have actually set foot in one of the UK's 11 Best Buy stores, let alone actually bought anything? Judging by the comments I've seen so far, not many of you are surprised to hear the US company is pulling out of the UK market, blaming poor locations and not-low-enough prices. Come give your two penn’orth here: Read More >>

Best Buy Expected to Shut UK Stores (Updated: Closure of 11 Stores Confirmed)

Their first store opened just last year in 2010, but already Best Buy (partly-owned by Carphone Warehouse) is choking. A lofty ambition of opening 200 European stores by 2013 was already put on hold this June after 11 stores opened (and created losses of £83 million). Updated. Read More >>