The Best Set-Top Box for All Your Binge-Watching Needs

Unless you’ve got a Roku TV or one of the latest premium sets from Samsung or Sony, there’s a good chance you need to invest in a set-top box. Unlike the software built into many “smart” TVs, a set-top box is easy to use. The software and apps are all specifically designed to be operated from the sofa, the remote is typically dead simple, and the array of viewing choices are much broader than what you find built into your six-year-old 720p set. Read More >>

The Best Smartphone For Every Need

“What’s the best smartphone?” It’s a question I hear at least once or twice a month. Read More >>

The Best Cheap Smartphone For Every Off-Contract Need

When it comes to smartphones, there was a time when 'cheap' in fact meant 'crap'. That’s no longer true. But which cheap phones are most worth buying? Read More >>

The Best Smartwatch for Every Wrist (Updated)

I've been keen on smartwatches pretty much since day one. I get a lot of emails, texts, and assorted notifications, most of them crap but some vitally important. Read More >>

The Best Smartphone for Every Need

By Darren Orf and Sean Hollister

New MacBook, Pro, Air or Mini: Which Apple Mac Should You Buy?

So that shiny gold New MacBook has kicked you into "buy a new Mac" mode? (If not, why are you here?) If so, Apple would be delighted to oblige – after all, it has models ranging from £399 all the way to £7,779, if you would be so bold, from super-light laptops to industrial powerhouses. So long as your budget is "at least £399", there’s plenty of choice here to suit every budget. Read More >>

Bestmodo: The Five Best iOS Game Controllers

iOS 7 brought with it standardised game controller support to Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad ranges, finally giving the iOS line parity with Google's Android platform, which has offered similar connectivity for quite some time now. Finally, Apple fans could play games with proper, physical buttons, offering a console-quality experience on the move. A slew of compatible pads appeared alongside the new software, but since then the pickings have been somewhat slim. Read More >>

Bestmodo: The Five Best Bike Lights for Christmas

This lot will have you lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree to avoid "Sorry, mate, I didn't see you" (or SMIDSY) excuses. Lighting for your bike is vital at this time of year: much of your riding will likely be done in darkness. Read More >>

Bestmodo: The Five Best Budget Smartphones for Christmas

The top end of the smartphone market is looking ludicrous. Why? because it's increasingly easy to get a perfectly decent phone for £100. Apple phones arguably remain worth the extra spend because of Apple's legendary customer service; smashing the screen doesn't result in you writing the phone off or taking it to some dodgy geezer on the high street for a pricey re-fit. But if you want an Android or Windows phone, it's less and less clear why you need to spend £400 to get one. Read More >>

Bestmodo: The Five Best Fitness Trackers for Christmas

It's still far from clear when the kind of footpods that Adidas have been messing about with for years suddenly morphed into "wearables". But if you want to track physical activity, there's now a bewildering number of wristbands to do it with. But which are best? Read More >>

GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition Review: One Badass Fixer Upper

Yes, it's action cam season. Sony's entered the market, Contour has updated its line with the Contour+2. But what about the latest from the brand that's come to define the category—the Kleenex of action cams, if you will? Read More >>

The Best Action Camera

Action cams have always sounded great. Just strap them to a bike, a surfboard, a car, or a helmet, and record a ride from the daredevil's POV. Now they're getting fancy, with full 1080p HD recording, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. So which is the right one to capture your classic runs and epic wipeouts? Read More >>

The Best BBQ Grill

A summer isn't a summer without a good grill to fire up. But you don't have to settle for good. The Wirecutter's Seamus Bellamy pinned down the cream of the charcoal crop. Read More >>

The Best Lightweight Portable Headphones

We, the smartphone-and-MP3-addicted people, wear headphones from dusk till dawn. That means they've got to be comfortable for hours on end. Forget the bulk of fashion-forward full-sized cans and the irritation of earbuds—for headphones that go the distance, three qualities trump everything else: comfort, durability, practicality. Read More >>

Our Favourite Phones, Cameras, Cases, and More

May means sunshine, flowers, allergies and wondering who the hell actually celebrates May Day like it's a real thing. It also means a summer of beautiful gadgets. Here are some of the best from the past month (or so): Read More >>