Download the iOS 12 Beta If You Dare

The beta for the next big release of iOS, announced at WWDC earlier this month, is finally live. That means if you’re willing to turn your iPhone into a buggy mess, you can get a taste of what’s to come a good four to five months ahead of everyone else. Read More >>

Google Finally Lets You Mute Autoplay Videos In Chrome—Here’s How

For several months, Google has teased some updates for Chrome that aim to make surfing the web slightly less annoying. And on Thursday, Chrome developers announced that you can now update your browser and choose to mute those annoying autoplay videos on websites. The update, Chrome 64 beta, also prevents malicious redirects, and a whole lot more. Read More >>

Early Spotify Was Built on Pirated MP3 Files, New Book Claims

Spotify has been the biggest music streaming service to find a business model that users can accept, and music labels can endure. In its early days, the company positioned itself as “a viable alternative to music piracy.” But allegedly, the company’s beta was filled with pirated MP3 files. Read More >>

It’s Probably Time for Your Favourite iPhone Apps and Games to Die

=A new message found in the latest iOS 10 beta update seems to indicate Apple will be killing off thousands of apps and games that haven’t been updated to support 64-bit processors. Say hello to the world of vintage iPhone gaming. Read More >>

How to Get Early Access to New iOS and Android Features

Whether you’ve picked an Android or Apple smartphone, there is an official beta programme you can sign up for that will give you a sneak preview of upcoming features in return for one or two bugs. Here’s how to sign up and sign out of the iOS and Android beta tests. Read More >>

12 of the Best Android Apps You Can Beta Test Today

Google has recently been rolling out improvements to the Play Store that make it easier to find and manage beta apps, so if you’re eager to try out some cutting edge features and are prepared to put up with a few additional bugs, there’s never been a better time to get started. Here are 12 apps worth checking out. Read More >>

MacOS Sierra First Impressions: What it’s Like to Use Siri on a Mac

MacOS Sierra is out now, bringing lots of new features to Apple desktop users. Back in June, we had a play with the beta version of the new operating system, which we have republished here, below. Read More >>

Go Download the MacOS Sierra Public Beta Right Now — If You Dare

The macOS 10.12 beta is now available for public download. We’ve already previewed the new features using the developer beta, and our first impressions were very positive. Mac users will love the changes. Read More >>

Android N Dev Preview 2 Arrives With Posh New 3D Rendering Tools

Google has released its latest mobile work in progress, with the Android N Developer Preview 2 available for people who own spare phones they like to hack about with for fun. Read More >>

Ex-Microsoft Man Arrested for Inflicting Windows 8 on the World Earlier Than Necessary

Former Microsoft worker Alex Kibkalo has been arrested after a year-long internal investigation, accused of leaking an early beta version of Windows 8 to a tech blogger in 2012. He's being charged with stealing trade secrets, after his seven-year stint at MS turned bad. Read More >>

As Siri Exits Beta For iOS 7, We’ve Got to Ask: Who Actually Uses It?

Siri, the voice-activated personal assistant that every tech company copied but no one seems to ever use, is now no longer a beta product. All references to "beta" status have disappeared from Apple's Siri pages. It's finished. But is it any good? Read More >>

xbox one
Xbox One Dashboard and Multitasking Shown in Beta Dash Video

A mumbling man with poor camera skills has shot his own video of the Xbox One dashboard, apparently recording a beta version of the dash that illustrates how the new console manages the multitasking side of things. Read More >>

Join Facebook’s Android Beta Scheme for Early Access to the New Stuff

Facebook, which has been criticised for years for providing an Android app of rather variable quality, has launched a beta scheme so users can get in on the very latest app features and revisions before they hit the mainstream. Read More >>

iOS 7 Beta Mk. 2 is Here, Complete With an iPad Version

Just as promised, Apple has updated the beta of iOS 7, pushing out the second revision for iPhones, and more excitingly, a version for iPad (both Mini and full-fat). 9to5Mac's already posted a bunch of screenshots, and it looks like yes, the steam-rollered flatness goes all the way up to iPad size. Read More >>

Download BitTorrent Files from Your Browser with BitTorrent Surf Beta

Yo ho yo ho, a pirate's life for me. And for you! And for everyone! Because downloading BitTorrent files just got a lot easier. BitTorrent is finally pushing its torrenting browser plug-in, BitTorrent Surf, to beta for you to try. That means you don't have to deal with pesky desktop clients, your browser (Chrome or Firefox) effectively becomes the only BitTorrent client you need. Read More >>