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This Levitating Matchstick Trick Is a Great Excuse to Play With Fire

Need an excuse to go play with matches? Too bad, you're getting one anyway. Turns out if you place a couple matches up against each other just right and then light them on fire (duh), you can actually perform a crazy little levitation trick! Read More >>

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10 Tricky Bar Bets You’ll Never Ever Lose

If you haven't already alienated all your friends, coworkers, and enemies by conning them out of their hard-earned dignity with tricky bar bets already, here's another batch to make you reconsider. The unstoppable Richard Wiseman is back with another dollop of unloseable bets from his seemingly endless bag. Read More >>

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10 Bar Bets You’ll Never Lose (But Might Get You Punched in the Face)

Gambling might be risky, but not if you know you're going to win. Then it's just free money. If that sounds up your alley, conman extraordinaire Richard Wiseman has yet another set of "bets" for you to try out on your friends. The ones that won't assault when they get wise to what you're up to, anyway. Read More >>

Sky Bet Pulls iPad 3 Betting After “Chunky” Bets on Tech Specs

Sky Bet was pretty confident that no one had any idea what Apple's alleged iPad 3 would be like. Until floods of bets convinced it otherwise, so betting was suspended. Read More >>