Why Remake The Lion King? Director Jon Favreau Explains

When it comes to Disney’s upcoming Lion King movie, most of us have lots of questions. Things like, is it a shot-for-shot remake? Is it live-action? Animation? Will the animals be talking and/or singing? And perhaps most importantly: Why attempt this in the first place? Read More >>

Airbnb to Launch Luxury Tier for the Super Rich and No You’re Not Invited

Rooms of spectacular opulence are coming to Airbnb. But the new feature targets elite tourists—not the unwashed masses of thrifty travellers trying to be bougie for a weekend. Read More >>

Beyoncé Startup, Beyoncé Startup, Beyoncé Startup

Hold up, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is now a tech investor! Bey has invested $150,000/£115,702 into a startup called Sidestep as part of her management company, Parkwood Entertainment. That’s not a tonne of cash, but it’s at least enough to pay a few telephone bills, to say nothing of those pesky startup automo’ bills. It will certainly pay for a few glasses of lemonade. Read More >>

Beyoncé Defeats Piracy and Makes Us Finally Embrace Tidal

Did you listen to Beyoncé’s hottest new record? Maybe watch her hour-long short film? If you have, then it’s very like because you signed up for Tidal. Which begs the question: is Tidal starting to actually win? Read More >>

Beyonce Lemonade Album Streaming is the Latest Tidal Exclusive

Looking for where to stream the new Beyoncé album Lemonade? Then you might have to reactivate that Tidal account, as it's bagged the exclusive streaming rights to Queen Bee's latest. Well, what did you expect with Jay-Z at the helm? Read More >>

Ty-Lite Selfie Case Review: Nobody Needs This, Not Even Beyoncé, But I Want It 

The Ty-Lite Selfie Case, developed by Beyoncé’s stylist Ty Hunter, does the thing it sets out to do. It takes well-lit selfies by enveloping its users in a sensuous vanity-light glow. Ty Hunter will always have a special place in my heart, because he styled Solange for her “Losing You” video, and he styled Beyoncé’s Givenchy Met Gala gown. He is a genius. He is also a devil, because he made me want to buy an $80 (about £55) phone case. Read More >>

Architect Finally Gives Us What We Want: A Beyoncé-Inspired Skyscraper

Just when you thought the world had hit peak Beyoncé, the hippest city in Australia is going to build a massive skyscraper inspired by… Beyoncé. This is not a joke. The city of Melbourne has given planning approval for the construction of a curvy 68-storey tower in its central business district. It even moves. Read More >>

There is a Secret Gold Link Apple Watch and Beyoncé Has It

Beyoncé recently wore a gold link Apple Watch at the Coachella music festival — but it’s not one of the Apple Watch bracelets available to buy, at least not yet. Elderly Draco Malfoy impersonator Karl Lagerfeld also had his wrist photographed clad in this mysterious gold link Apple Watch. Read More >>

What Taylor Swift, Zayn Malik and Clarkson’s Faces Say About Their Spotify Tastes

One of the best things about Spotify is its open API, which means developers can come up with all manner of ways to recommend you songs. But a hackathon in Los Angeles this Easter weekend resulted in the creation of MusicFace, which uses your actual face to recommend tunes. Read More >>

Half-Price iTunes Voucher is Your Fill-Yer-Cart-With Beyoncé Deal of the Day

Some people aren't too keen on the idea of torrents and still pay for their downloadable entertainment. These people are honest and probably rather old. Meanwhile, musicians themselves throw any old crap out as they look elsewhere to make their money, like adverts or film deals or charging people far too much for vinyl. Read More >>

Beyoncé’s Surprise New Album Crashed iTunes Overnight

Overnight, Beyonce released her fifth studio album without warning. Referred to as the "visual album" and entitled Beyoncé, it was made exclusively available on iTunes without any announcement—and has already made quite an impact. Read More >>