10,000 Bic Pens Were Repurposed Into This Sculpture

The Bic ballpoint is a triumph of efficient design; it’s also a pretty good mascot for disposable consumption, with 100 billion having been manufactured since the 1950s. But empty pens are good for more than just landfill: chain 10,000 together, and you can have yourself a neat canopy. Read More >>

The Classic Bic Pen Now Works on Your Smartphone Display Too

Writing implements aren't going to be supplanted by touchscreen devices anytime soon. But that isn't stopping Bic from hedging its bets and ensuring its classic see-through plastic pens remain relevant. Read More >>

New Pens for Women Show the Scale of Writing Innovation

Feminism has had some wondrous accomplishments in the past, and workplace equality is one of them, except for one small detail. That's right, those damn manly pens are just too big and hard to use! Enter Bic, who has provided an ingenious solution: Biros made especially for women. Read More >>