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Report: Uber’s Self-Driving Car Sensors Ignored Cyclist In Fatal Accident

In March, a woman crossing the street on a bicycle in Tempe, Arizona was struck by an Uber that was testing its autonomous driving mode. The victim later died from her injuries. Since then, Uber has been studying what went wrong and it has reportedly concluded that the hardware was working properly, but the software’s sensitivity wasn’t set correctly. Read More >>

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Don’t Try This Refrigerator-Bike Challenge at Home

We’ve all been there: you have a large item to transport and a bike. While cowards everywhere might opt to hire a delivery service or make two separate trips, we found you some men who can do both. Read More >>

Google’s Self-Driving Cars Can Recognise Cyclist Hand Signals

Last month, Google focused on teaching its self-driving cars to honk appropriately. Now, it’s taking safety into its own hands and learning how to deal with all those cyclists on the road. Read More >>

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Watch a Guy Ride the World’s Tallest Bicycle

Last year, we brought you the exploits of StoopidTall, a 14.5-foot-tall (4.4m) bike that is completely terrifying to ride. So naturally, we now have StoopidTaller, a bike that is yet another 5.5 feet (1.7m) taller. Experience the terror from the bike seat first hand in this dizzying video of StoopidTaller in action. Read More >>

Skylock is the Bike Lock of the Future, and it’s Awesome

Bike locks, while incredibly necessary, are way behind the times. Even the best of them will break under brute force, and then where are you? Bikeless and alone. The new Skylock, from ex-Boeing and Jawbone engineers, is about to leapfrog the competition and bring bike protection into the 21st century. It looks amazing. Read More >>

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This Short Film Shows English Eccentricity and Engineering at Its Best

The Moulton Bicycle Company was established 50 years ago by the engineer who designed the suspension system for the first Mini. This video takes a peek at the inner-workings of the company at its headquarters in Bradford-Upon-Avon, UK—and shows off the kind of English eccentricity that is impossible to resist. Read More >>

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This Might Look Like a Ferrari, But It Doesn’t Quite Go as Fast (and You Might Actually Be Able to Afford It)

So, the clever blokes who clearly demonstrated that they have far too much time on their hands with the aluminium-foiled, pedal-powered Porsche 911, have decided to take it a step further by unleashing a bicycle powered Ferrari FXX-clone onto the unsuspecting world. Read More >>

Coat Hangers Made From Bike Parts Are Beautiful if Impractical

Bicycles are so damn hip these days that they're infiltrating every aspect of culture. Whatever: here's a great, quirky piece of up-cycling that takes disused bicycles parts and converts them into a set of beautiful coat hangers. Read More >>

A Police Car Pursuing a Bicycle at 60MPH Must Be the Most Absurd Chase In History

This Czech bicycle rider must have balls of steel or a lot of crimes to answer for. Otherwise I just couldn't understand why is he racing down a highway at 60mph with a police car chasing him. Read More >>