Bike Thefts Are Up Because People Have Nice Ones Now

Reports of the stealing of bicycles are up, with the nationwide average increasing by 17 per cent last year when compared with 2015, and one particular London borough seeing ride-aways grow by a shocking 44 per cent. Read More >>

Can People Ever Be Trusted With Dockless Bike-Sharing?

Less than six months after launching in France, a dockless bike-sharing service is calling it quits in the country, due to what it characterised as “mass destruction.” The company, Gobee, told The Guardian that over a thousand bikes were stolen in France, with 3,200 damaged and 6,500 needing repairs. Read More >>

Highways Agency Wants to Ban Cyclists From Popular Bit of Road

The Highways Agency is currently running a consultation with locals about what to do with a complicated road problem. The problem being a 10-mile stretch of the A63, where cyclists come to its smooth surface and gentle undulations to attack time trial records while cars whizz past at 70mph. Read More >>

I’d Actually Consider Going to a Spin Class If I Could Ride These Retro-Styled Exercise Bikes

When you think classic American design and cycling, you might think of the Schwinn bike, which looks like it was designed by an aerodynamics-obsessed automotive engineer. Schwinn has long since updated its bike designs, but the company pays homage to its past with an indoor bike that’s oozing with retro charm. Read More >>

Government Raises Spectre of Compulsory Bike Helmet Laws

Comments made by transport minister Jesse Norman have been taken to mean that the government's considering implementing laws that would make helmets compulsory for cyclists, with a review of cycling safety potentially handling the radioactive potato in the future. Read More >>

Brompton Recalls All Bikes Made in the Last Three Years

Bike maker Brompton has been metaphorically knocked into the kerb by the dirty white van of fate, as it's been forced to recall all of the bikes it made over the last three years. Read More >>

More Bike Sharing for (Part of) London Launches Today

The patchwork map of bike sharing schemes in London is about to have a new section coloured in orange today, as Chinese bike-dumper Mobike is unleashing a batch of machines in the borough of Ealing. Read More >>

Car Drivers Should Start Doing the Dutch Reacharound

Campaign group Cycling UK is pressuring the UK government to copy another thing the Dutch do, suggesting that changing the Highway Code and driving test to incorporate the Dutch car door opening technique could save lives on the road. Specifically, it could save the lives of pedal and motor cyclists who are hefted off their bikes when car doors are opened by drivers on the traffic side of the vehicle. Read More >>

Urbo Joins Race to Litter Bikes Around London

The bike sharing social news of the day involves a company called Urbo, which has announced a plan to start leaving its own brand of dockless, GPS-enabled, remote-unlockable bicycles around a part of London. Read More >>

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Watch a Madman Ride a Bike Packed With 1,000 Exploding Rockets

Riding a bike without a helmet or other protective gear is already a risky idea. But climbing aboard a custom-built bike packed with 1,000 rockets while you’re protected by nothing but a fireproof slab of foam strapped to your back is risk on a whole other level—even if you’re a semi-pro mad scientist like Colin Furze. Read More >>

Cyclists Sue Edinburgh Over Tram Track Crashes

Edinburgh's tram system is being blamed for a spate of cyclist accidents in the city, with a couple of riders suing the local council and the tram operator for damages after falling off. Read More >>

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A Pedal-Powered Lift Will Make You Less Guilty About Not Taking the Stairs

Can’t shake that nagging, guilty feeling that you should have dragged your bum up the stairs every time you take the lift? Then you’re in luck, because Vycle creators Elena Larriba and Jon Garcia have come up with a pedal-powered lift alternative that helps you get in shape as you travel between floors. Read More >>

Thousands of Bikes About to Rain Down on Manchester

Manchester's about to be beset by bicycles, like in the fake Morrissey video but with helmets and lycra and angry confrontations with van drivers now, thanks to Chinese bike-share giant Mobike. Read More >>

Government Publishes £1.2bn Bike Riding Spending Plan

A government initiative to get more people than ever riding bikes and walking to near-ish places by the year 2040 has been fleshed out, with a breakdown of the headline £1.2bn budget revealing how and where the money's going to be spent. Read More >>

Cyclists Need More Showers, Baths, Dryers and Pats on the Back at Work

The cyclist movement that's seeing more folk than ever biking it to work is creating problems in the offices of the country, as sweaty riders turn up for work moist from their efforts, soaked by the rain, and in need of somewhere to hang their £35 high performance angora wool race socks so they're dry in time for the commute back home. Read More >>