Asbestos and Bomb Damage Hinder Big Ben’s Restoration

The cost of shoring up Big Ben and the tower it resides in has risen by £18.6m, thanks to the work turning out to be a little more complex than a few plasterers on Facebook thought it might be, and the discovery of asbestos, WWII bomb damage, inadequate previous repairs, lead paint, the need for specialist clock mechanism repair work and the impact of additional grime from London's death-smog period. Read More >>

Boris Bungles Big Ben Brexit Bong Crowdfunding

After an incoherent rambling about how the public should "bung a bob for a Big Ben bong" to mark the passing of Brexit without running it past anyone, Boris is having to backtrack. Read More >>

Big Ben May Not Bong for Brexit After All

A handful of men bearing quite a resemblance to Jeremy Clarkson and wrapped in union flags may be disappointed this Brexit Eve, as no one has yet organised the Big Ben bell to be donged out to mark the UK's departure from the European Union – in a rare case of something that was promised not being delivered. Read More >>

It’s Been 160 Years Since Big Ben’s First Bong, and the Tower Is Marking the Occasion by Staying Quiet

Big Ben is missing a landmark birthday by having a quiet one this year, despite turning 160 years old. Read More >>

HP Sauce Has Changed Its Label for Only the Second Time in Its History to Show Big Ben in Scaffolding

Big Ben is currently in the midst of four year face-lift that's seen the decrepit old tower trussed up in scaffolding since 2017, letting out a forlorn little bong from time to time despite being taken off duty. Read More >>

Big Ben Got Stuck on the Finish Line at the London Marathon

It seems Big Ben has used his break from bonging while renovation work goes on to train for the London Marathon. Read More >>

Big Ben’s Scaffolding is Now On Google Maps

Big Ben is under tourist-disappointing scaffolding until at least 2021, and it's been there so long that it's now part of Google Maps. Read More >>

Big Ben’s Getting Blue Hands

Big ol' Ben is currently silent for three years' worth of repairs, and while that's going on, researchers have been busily trying to figure out what the original colour scheme was. Read More >>

Snapchat’s Brought Back Big Ben For Selfie-Snapping Tourists

It's not a great time to visit the UK as a tourist. Besides all the Brexit nonsense and the December weather, one of our greatest tourist spots is under scaffolding and silent. Read More >>

Rochdale Town Hall Steps Forward To Do The Christmas Bongs In Place of Big Ben

It's not Christmas (or indeed New Year) without the sonorous bonging of Big Ben, but since our beloved clock tower is currently silenced for repairs, a replacement has had to be found. Read More >>

Taco Bell Confuses the Heck Out of London By Making Big Ben Bong Again

Big Ben is silent at the moment because of renovations on the Elizabeth Tower (you wouldn't fancy a GIANT BELL bonging in your ear while you're trying to work, would you?). It's only bringing back its signature bongs on very special occasions, like Remembrance Day (or the testing for it). Read More >>

Big Ben Made a Noise

Big Ben is being quiet at the moment, with the bonging of the bell shut down to protect the hearing of workers involved with the extensive renovations going on in Elizabeth Tower. People were outraged about this, but their concerns were ignored. Instead Big Ben was relegated to bonging on special occasions, and when you need to test for those occasions - which is what just happened. Read More >>

Big Ben Cleared to Bong Again

The chimes of Big Ben will once again ring out over the heads of milling tourists this weekend, as special approval to restart the ringing has been granted. Read More >>

Big Ben Maintenance Work Will Force Londoners to Check Watches in New Year

Before you all get vicious in the comments section below, we know that Big Ben’s actually just the bell. Save your angry typing -- ‘Elizabeth Tower’ just doesn't bring in the clicks. Read More >>

Lego’s Next Architectural Masterpiece is a Two-Foot-Tall Replica of Big Ben

Lego’s Architecture series gives adult fans the perfect excuse to keep buying the building toy — because they appreciate the design of the buildings, not because they secretly wanted to build spaceships. And while the new Lego Big Ben isn’t officially part of the Architecture line, at over 60 centimetres tall it’s still an impressively detailed recreation. Read More >>