Big Ben Cleared to Bong Again

The chimes of Big Ben will once again ring out over the heads of milling tourists this weekend, as special approval to restart the ringing has been granted. Read More >>

Big Ben Maintenance Work Will Force Londoners to Check Watches in New Year

Before you all get vicious in the comments section below, we know that Big Ben’s actually just the bell. Save your angry typing -- ‘Elizabeth Tower’ just doesn't bring in the clicks. Read More >>

Lego’s Next Architectural Masterpiece is a Two-Foot-Tall Replica of Big Ben

Lego’s Architecture series gives adult fans the perfect excuse to keep buying the building toy — because they appreciate the design of the buildings, not because they secretly wanted to build spaceships. And while the new Lego Big Ben isn’t officially part of the Architecture line, at over 60 centimetres tall it’s still an impressively detailed recreation. Read More >>

Big Ben to Fall Silent for Months as Elizabeth Tower is Repaired and Restyled

People of Westminster, it’s time to invest in your own personal clock/watch/phone. The House of Commons has confirmed that Big Ben will fall silent as Elizabeth Tower undergoes repair works, which will begin in 2017 and continue for three years. The period will be formally known as London’s Great Dong Crisis. Read More >>

Big Ben and Elizabeth Tower Might Need to be Covered in Scaffolding for a Year

You may have already read that Big Ben’s hands are about to fall off, but that’s bollocks, according to a spokesperson (not least because Big Ben is actually the bell inside the famous clock). London’s best-loved timepiece is still in bad shape though, requiring urgent repairs that could take up to a year. Imagine that. 12 months with scaffolding hiding one of London’s most famous landmarks. Not ideal. Read More >>

London’s Southbank to be Home to Awesome Lego World Map

Big Ben, the Empire State Building and Taj Mahal. All three are pretty great wonders of the world, but have you seen them all in one place? Well, if you head down to London's Southbank, you can witness all three of them, plus many more wonders, all in one place. The only thing is... they're made of Lego. Sweet. Read More >>

LEGO Big Ben Joins Fancy Architecture Range

LEGO's collection of famous buildings has been updated, with the Danish plastic specialist adding our very own Big Ben to its oddball Architect series of models. Read More >>

London’s Big Ben Is Leaning Like the Tower of Pisa

The Big Ben is leaning! Not as much as the Tower of Pisa, but you can see it with the naked eye. Right now, it's at an inclination of 0.5m at its highest point. And it's getting worse. Read More >>