Big Hero 6 Baymax Lamp Illuminates With Light, Not Medical Advice

Despite being completely vulnerable to attacks from safety pins, the Baymax robot from Big Hero 6 was just about the best sidekick a kid could have—mostly because it was skilled at treating skinned knees and other injuries. This LED lamp version of Baymax isn't quite as talented, but it can ensure a kid who's afraid of the dark will sleep through the night. Read More >>

‘Big Hero 6’ Review: An Underdog Adventure Where Robots Have Hearts Too

Big Hero 6 is Disney and Marvel's new robot adventure that takes place against the backdrop of the fictional San Fransokyo. It's a huge and beautiful new world, and although the plot isn't perfect, the movie is worth seeing for the robots, the city, and the jokes. Read More >>

Eight Real-Life Robots That Inspired Big Hero 6

The star of the new Disney-Marvel movie Big Hero 6 is a poofy robot named Baymax who can assess your health with a laser-enabled two-second full-body scan. He also might soon be a reality. Baymax and other robots in the film were inspired by eight actual robots, some of which were designed and built in labs at MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and DARPA. Read More >>

The New Big Hero 6 Trailer Reveals More Arse-Kicking Animation

I could not be more excited for the first Disney-Marvel mashup Big Hero 6, which sadly won't be in cinemas until January. In a new trailer released today at NYC's Comic-Con, we get to see more of the action, backdropped by epic San Fransokyo views and superhero suits that were inspired by visits to real-life robotics labs. Read More >>

A Tour of ‘San Fransokyo,’ the Hybrid City Disney Built for Big Hero 6

The upcoming movie Big Hero 6 represents the first-ever partnership between Marvel and Disney, two entities known for constructing fantastical universes. So it's not surprising that bringing the story to film also required building an entire city of the future: a blend of Tokyo and San Francisco named San Fransokyo. Read More >>

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Disney’s New Big Hero 6 Trailer is as Delightful as the First

Big Hero 6 is Disney's first attempt at creating a film based on Marvel comics. This isn't Spider-Man or The Avengers, mind you. This film is a different take on 1998's relatively obscure Sunfire and Big Hero 6 comic, but despite its sub-superstar status in the comics world, the film looks amazing. Read More >>

All About Big Hero 6, Disney’s First Marvel Superhero Movie

The first trailer for Disney's upcoming superhero movie, Big Hero 6, came out yesterday. If you're like me, it raised all sorts of questions. Questions like "What is this?" Here's a rundown of the basics so you can be a Big Hero 6-pert when it comes out next January. Read More >>

Disney’s New Trailer for Big Hero 6 Looks Pixar-Cute and Superhero-Awesome

Here's the first trailer for Disney's Big Hero 6, an animated superhero movie lightly based on the Marvel comic series by the same name. The visual style is straight up Pixar—but with comic book action scenes. The movie premiers on January 30, 2015, and it looks like it's gonna be lots of fun. [The Film Stage via The Verge] Read More >>