Burger King Trolls McDonald’s With Its Own Range of Big Macs

Remember how the EU recently took away McDonalds' trademark to the term 'Big Mac' after a scrappy Irish restaurant chain called Supermac's challenged an over-reaching lawsuit from the Golden Arches? Read More >>

This Might Be in the Top 10 or Even Top 5 Tweets of All Time

I’ve seen a lot of great tweets in my life, but holy shit — this recent tweet from Ad Age is incredible: Read More >>

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What Happens When You Pour Sulphuric Acid on a Big Mac

For a brief moment there, nothing happens. A Big Mac gets drenched in sulphuric acid, and it looks exactly the same. And then it starts getting gross. Read More >>

It Takes a Shocking Amount of Molten Copper to Destroy a Big Mac

Well, this certainly makes you think. About how emptily delicious and briefly satisfying a Big Mac from McDonald’s is. Read More >>

Rolling a Big Mac With a Sushi Mat is Silly But it Sure Looks Good

It doesn’t look nearly as appetising as a Big Mac does in your head right before you step inside a McDonald’s but this Big Mac turned sushi roll is a culinary masterpiece. Every ingredient is in there: the buns act as the rice, the patty acts as the fish, and the sauce and french fries act as the fixings. I almost shed a tear watching this get made. Read More >>

What Happens to Your Body One Hour after Eating a Big Mac?

When you first bite into a Big Mac, it is absolutely glorious. The two burgers sandwiching the chewy bread in the middle with the lovely thousand island sauce mixing in with the pickles and lettuce, the taste is iconic. Add in chips and a sip of Coke in between bites and you have reached Fast Food nirvana. But after you eat a Big Mac? Your body doesn’t always feel so hot. Read More >>

This Is How You Make a Big Mac At Home

Ever wondered what McDonalds actually puts in the legendary Big Mac? Wonder no more, the fast food chain has put up a video showing you precisely how to make one in your own home, including its secret sauce. Lunchtime burger anyone? Read More >>